February 2, 2020 Added Note:

Other than the discovery which was initially the premise for this page I would like to make the informal announcement that I've discovered something kind of huge (seriously, from my perspective, this will definitely change the industry forever and for the good).

What I've discovered is something NOBODY else is doing. From what I can tell nobody has even ever made a mention to what will be a mile-marker in solar technology.

I can change the industry with almost no up-front investments, very little material and labor costs, and each unit I produce can be whipped out in no time (fast).

This discovery (that I'm dying to blurt out) would not have been made possible had I been within the law (which restricts me from my chosen work area). And if you knew what I discovered, you would see my perspective as true.

In short, I can improve upon a known industry by leaps and bounds without very much effort (yet it's huge!).

One way or another I will have the finished prototype up and operational probably this 2020 year (I still need to find a certain substance and a certain other product maker....everything else I already have)

I'm debating about a patent. That kind of beuracratic stuff is burdensome and non-productive to me and is not in my blood, so maybe I'll just produce the products locally for Springfield Ohio only. If others pick up and run with the creation and do more with it, then what will be will be.

There were more words to this note.

I deleted a great portion of what was initially written here and only saved the following "deleted" comment at editing:

Nobody ought to tell me where to lay my head as an excuse for revenue generation. Ultimately dictatorial manipulations leads to canibalizing the community via stringent social, economic, and political control which inhibits creativity, ingenuity, invention, and parlyzes our Nation to become nothing more than useless mindless cattle (that's my opinion).

The aforementioned deleted comment could be summed up as, "Don't Tread on Me"

[That was my alter-ego, Rambo]

But in all reality, I have made some pretty profound discoveries throughout the years of having thrown myself into this lab (of sorts).

When you live every waking moment in any endeavor within close-proximity to self-sufficiency (if only in electric, water, garden, chickens,etc.), learning about off-grid requisites, pitfalls, as well as the profits is inevitable.

I don't have any regrets really.

As far as this new realization of what can improve this technology, I really suck at secrets so my final hint is, Think: If I can turn every one of your 100w into a 300w, or your 500watt into a 1kw for $50.00 each, would you do it? ";-)

Who wouldn't? It would be counter-intelligent not to bite on that instant production boost with least amount of investment. In fact it's leaps and bound cheaper than buying an additional panel that will require more roof space.


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