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Photo of Springfield Homestead Composting Station


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A late-Winter Wind-Storm knocked over the Greenhouse!

The wind was so strong that it also took out the cabana on one of the porches,

and blew down branches and part of the neighbor's fence,

and made one Tarp totally disappear.

The security camera showed that I removed the Tarp that was covering the tractor...

then I fiddled with a salamander heater...

later I moved the Tarp next to the corner of the house...

and no sooner my back was turned...

I missed the action.

As large as it was, the Tarp went straight up into the air past the view of the cameras and never returned down.

My tentative guess (to preserve some semblance of sanity) is that someone passing down the road picked it up (it's fair game at that point).

The wind storm ruined other stuff too.

Behold the Green House,
R.I.P., for instance.
Temporary Hut in Springfield OhioGetting a feel where door might go

Below is a video of the Greenhouse taking Sabatical.

Don't Blame the Birds

Ahhh but Thank God for Springfield's Spring

New things come in the Spring!

Cherry, Apple, and Pear Orchard is being planned

Inspired by Ms. Vickie Murph.
who first started out as a customer
and then became a great tree-of-knowledge
and friend.

Vickie brought the first Apple Tree here.
Then my mom brought the first Peach Tree.

So a orchard it will be!

Last year the tree created one solitary apple.
The apple was the size of my thumb.

I tried to get vickie to eat it, but it was just too small.

Vickie Murph, Giver of Life

Photos of the Vickie-Tree in the proposed orchard.

Apple Tree born in Springfield OhioBaby Apple Tree in Springfield Ohio brought to you by Ms. Vickie Murph

Other types of Springfield Ohio Trees grow all by themselves!

The trees shown in the photos below were not present when we moved here in late-2014.

All that was required for these trees to grow, was to NOT mow a section of the lawn for a while.

Springfield TreesSpringfield Ohio Trees

The trees form a natural border between the neighbors to the rear of our property, and will hopefully serve as firewood in a decade... or-so.

Enough about the trees already.

This page is supposed to be about Gardening!

Every single year an ample supply of Salad arrives daily from the Garden.

Eat MeEat Me 2

2015 through to 2017 proved to be way too much labor pulling weeds.

A new approach is attempted in 2018.

Below are shown photos of the alternative "No-Till" Gardening Method which was experimented with in 2018.

Yes, No-Till Gardening was easier, but proved to be a real mess. Vegetables were hiding everywhere.

I am a photo of Springfield KalePhoto of No-till GardeningGarden Photo in SpringfieldSpringfield Ohio Strawberries ImagePicture of Ohio No-Till
We can do better than this.

Yet even with all the weeds,

An adequate regular harvest was still obtained.

Photo of Springfield Ohio Garden on Troy RoadOhio's Cucumbers Photo in SpringfieldPicuture of Raspberries in Springfield Ohio

So 2018 was the year for a "no-till" garden, which was not so eventful.

The garden looked like heebeejeebies. But for the most part the yield was kind of surprising.

Truth be told, 2018 brought two early-Spring frosts that killed everything that was planted, twice the garden died, twice I had to re-plant.

But all-in-all, I'd say it was a pretty good harvest still.

Troy Road Garden Springfield Ohio PhotoI am a Photo of a Strawberry

I have a better idea on the Next Page!

"No-Till Gardening" was nice but it's now time to...

Kill the Weeds ! - A 2019 Tarp Gardening Experiment

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