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Awesome Springfield Ohio Lighting

Lighting - Springfield Ohio Off-grid Wind and Solar Power

The move from dependency upon monopoly-interest of the "Public" utility (one choice is no choice), Lights are the easiest thing to take off-grid.

Below is seen a deck in which a 100w 12v solar panel coupled with a 185ah battery create the lighting.

The Deck solar setup is somewhat unique.
There is only a solitary 100w panel rated at 12v that supplies the power to the battery which in turn supplies the power to the lights.
The Lights are dependent upon motion sensed by a motion-sensor switch.
The motion sensor can be set at a wide-range of operable duration once motion is activated.

However the motion-sensor switch that turns on the lights is also dependent on a device called a photo-sensor switch.
The photo-sensor switch is programmed to only work during the night-time, at which point the motion-sensor switches which become activated at night do not use any energy stored in the batteries until there is motion.

So, there are requisites that must be met in order for the lights to automatically turn on and off, one is dusk and will endure until dawn, and the other requisite is motion.

Below are photos of the deck project about half-way completed.

Troy Road Deck Lighting in Springfield OhioTroy Road Deck Lighting in Springfield OhioTroy Road Deck Lighting in Springfield OhioTroy Road Deck Lighting in Springfield Ohio

There will be three separate motion-sensors that will allow for lights to automatically turn on regardless of which night-time direction you might be moving.

Springfield SolarSpringfield Solar

With AC lights, what are your predominant choices?

Tubes or bulbs.

Forced AC vs 12v Lighting

Springfield SolarSpringfield Solar

For the Utility Monopolies that seek profit, AC is the public's only option when building a house.
"Lawmakers" financed by the monopoly interests created Codes Departments to dictate which type of electricty is allowed in the housing industry and more.
This creates a windfall of profit(eering) even to this evolved day of 2019.

The fact is, adult humans ought to be able to choose which type of electricty, instead the lawmakers even made going without electricity illegal (no joke). There's even a few States that now have a "sun tax"!

And oddly enough, a bird can choose what material to use for it's house but a human is laden with so many laws and profitable (for the few) dictates that the public is completely crushed by the entities that permit no deviation or advancement toward coming up with solutions to combat our Nation's present leading position within the world as the most indebted nation on the planet

We need to do better than this because there is an end to the debt-trail.

If the system is not working, our Nation simply must push on to a better direction.

12v power, not from the 110v grid, is power!

Springfield Solar
The cost to operate an item or appliance that is powered directly to the same voltage power source, is miniscule compared to the complete loss of energy in the AC to any other voltage conversion process.

12v lighting from a 12v power source (batteries), offer numerous advantages to the end-user.

Springfield Solar

Grid electricity will consume more energy to convert their electricity to the voltages of your appliances, this is due to the conversion hardware (usually a step-down transformer).

DC is always more cost-effective.

Springfield LightingSpringfield Lighting

Converting AC electricity to other voltages is costly, due partly in the additional cost of the transformer device itself.
The additional device is usually placed on every power cord (such as the brick located in the power wire of most laptops), or installed somewhere in the appliance itself (as in most fans, desktop computers, or radios).
Converting from 110v all the way down to (whatever your appliance or electronic device is rated for), is in of itself loss of energy.
On-Grid electricity is full of hidden surprises.
The monopoly bills show such ambiguous laundering words such as, "Customer Charge" and "Distribution related component" fee and "Recovery Charge" and "Bypassable Generation and Transmission related component" charge .... the departments that oversee the "public" utilities is more of a facade than a democratic reality.
With the complete breakdown of a democratic decision, what's left of our polity dares not audit the monopoly fees and charges lest they lose their "base" (to quote Bush Jr's Corporate Address referencing who was the base of the polity.
This being reminiscent of a long-standing archaic chasm of "The Business of Government, is Business).

What say ye of this business then Click to see the Non-successful Path

The public simply is not permitted to be made aware enough to contemplate a plan to create a self-sustaining family-based power-source of their own.

The monopoly interests prevail in what content is pumped into a brain and what is not, they own all of the media, hence the minds of the masses.
If I create a newspaper out of my garage and regardless of whether it's distributed freely or for profit, I'm going to jail.
Monopoly interests "pushed" (friendly word for financed) for a law that prohibits the common man or woman from creating a newspaper without first agreeing to a slew of legalese, then there's the need for much finances to pay off all of the agencies that "protect our freedoms", and still with the economy the way it is in 2019 your printing expedition will simply fail in a few years via the ever-changing gimmickry of the law and the law-"makers" (in my most humble opinion).
Yet because the "persons" (according to the checks and balances of the "Supreme" Court which actually granted corporations personal private statuses as "persons") "we" still teach our children of the freedom of the press and all that goes into printing news.
Since almost all of America's printed media are from two primary sources, Gannet on the East Coast and Knight-Ridder on the West Coast (*this was the fact back in my younger years, it wouldn't surprise me if there's no longer two monopolies at the monopoly board...I've heard a lot of this Murdoch cancer so maybe the company names have changed by now), we are ensured of basically only one or two viewpoints.
This puts us all at risk and at a disadvantage.

Okay I'm getting off-track a bit, but my point is that if the public were able to hear another viewpoint from something other than the upper-class monopoly-types, they might be apt to do something about the fall from grace and our Nation's Present Worth

To close that topic up, let me clarify, the monopoly media, whether online, printed, aired or televised, might inform you that it takes 10 years to pay off an off-grid solar addition to your home but this is very misleading because they will stop after making such a claim and now your mind also stops with "oh wow, ten years is a long time".

What monopolistic-interests won't tell you is that the system basically lasts forever!
In other words, if your Grandfather purchased solar panels and created an off-grid power-plant in his day for his family, you'd be basking in free-energy for you and your family today (unless trees fell on each of the solar panels, then all bets are off).

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16.5ft L.E.D. Strip Lighting available in Springfield Ohio, stop in and try them out!

$5.00 per 16'5" Yellow and Green Accent Lighting.
Springfield Solar

Located: 2803 Troy Road in Springfield Ohio.

Tel: (937) 718-3586

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