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Pir Motion Sensor

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Each sensor in our building activates only when motion is sensed.

If motion is still detected, the lights remain on until the set time after motion ceases.

Pir Motion Sensor Switches to Activate and Deactivate Lights

The plan for motion detectors were primarily in planning for the elderly.

Back to the workstation

However, it should be noted, that I've not found a fool-proof motion-sensor for 12v yet.

As seen in the photos below, there are potential problems. I've tried fatter wire at the input and thinner wire, yet the results are not substantiated yet.

Problem Connectors:

Defective Connectors belonging to motion detectorConnectors belonging to motion detector Burn Up

Venturing off grid is a definite adjustment.

It is mid-November 2019 and winter is approaching. During the season changes, although not always paramount, I alter my lighting and other power-habits.

But the changes one must make are not so traumatic as one might pre-suppose.

In fact, the hardest part will be standing before the judgment of others.

I happen to be fortunate enough to have tolerant neighbors ";-) but have heard of others that are not so agreeable to a neighbor that is not conforming to the standards of the neighborhood (this is undertandable).

Moving one's location is not always a welcoming task, especially if you were content in the location that no longer wants you. Just the thought of loading all one's possessions on a 40-foot bus can come at inoportune and unexpected times.

So rule of thumb is: Always have an exit plan in mind if sequence of events should go south for you.

As for the investment, Solar Panels produce electricity that will probably outlive most people reading this. It takes only one member of a family tree to make forever electric power for generations to come (long after that member becomes deceased).

Is off-grid electricity stable?

In a word, yes.

Computers, lights, security cameras, freezer, DVR, server, modem/router, and more run free.

About the only item you'll ever need to replace in an off-grid power system are the batteries (every 5 or more years, if not abused or neglected). If using inverters, add that to the list of fail-able items.

Contrast the investment with the yearly amount you will have thrown to an entity that may have "lobbyists" that bring bagfuls of money to "our" representatives (curtailing their better ethics, manipulating their decisions), and you have aided and abetted your own demise.

Leave something good behind on this earth that will outlive you and me. In regards to Solar Panels, it takes a hammer or falling tree to break them.

Springfield Ohio Lighting

One definite adjustment when going off-grid is the clock.

Invariably the weather, seasons, even the mating times of bugs affect an off-gridders daily chores.

In short, plan-changers such as rain, snow, or excessive wind can determine whether working indoors or outdoors.

Having plenty of available power for lighting indoors is a blessing regardless of the seasons.

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16.5ft L.E.D. Strip Lighting available in Springfield Ohio, stop in and try them out!

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