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Mickey's Blog - Her Second Communications to the Outside World

As already stated in Mickey's First Communications to the outside world,

Mickey is a Missouri inhabitant that makes ends meet by catching her own food, raising her own chickens, obtaining her own water, composting her scraps and feces, etc.

In short, she is truly an extreme off-gridder.

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Mickey's Second Submission

Being a woman and alone, learning to not be afraid of circumstances is one thing I've overcome living out here.

I've learned not to be afraid of trying new things.

Here's what I've discovered:

Vinegar can made by fermenting apples in water and sugar,
which eventually turns into apple cider vinegar.

Fermenting potato peels in water and shaking the jar daily not forgetting to open the lid for just a few seconds daily to let it breath,
will eventually turn into Yeast that you can bake with.

You can use popped popcorn like flour,
if you grind it down to a powder first.

Wild Lettuce can be smoked if you run out of tobacco.


Dog Feces can be used as a weapon. See the Launcher?

Mickey's Secret Weapon

With 6 Dogs, I never run out of ammo.