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Mickey is a Missouri inhabitant that makes ends meet by catching her own food, raising her own chickens, obtaining her own water, composting her scraps and feces, etc.

In short, she is truly an extreme off-gridder.

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First Submission


My name is Mickey.

This is my first little bit about off-grid living.


I've learned not to be afraid to try new things.

Being a woman and alone living in this remote area of Missouri, learning to not be afraid is something I've had to adjust to.

This last-resort Lifestyle is not for sissies because it is hard to start from a life of ease, which I enjoyed not too long ago, to living cowboy-style and back-to-basics

(of two choices, surviving or dying).

This year, 2019, I obtained a heater.

Last year there was nothing to heat the shed where I and the dogs reside and many layers of clothing were, and still are, required.

2019 Propane Heater

Mickey's Heat Source is Propane

Salvaging an RV Propane Wall heater in the un-insulated shed is put to good use, but must be used sparingly since I haven't a vehicle and getting the fuel is a bit of a trick at my age.

Also Recently, electricity from the Grid came here, but cooking with AC electric is very expensive.

Heating with Grid-electricity is cost-prohibitive for me.


Like anything else you do, repetition is enough to learn how to do it easier each time.

I get my water from the rain barrel.

In summer, the battle to keep the insects and birds from poisoning the water is sometimes difficult.

Mickey's Water

In the winter the ice must be broken through to get down to the water.

Later I will follow-up this Blog with details and photos of my private area (where I keep the dogs from entering).

Mickey's Private Area


There is not any sewer or septic out here.

Learning to properly (safely) compost is important and necessary.

The chair is my compost toilet.

Mickey's Toilet

Read about how I prepare the Meals

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