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Mickey Affrunti is a Missouri inhabitant that makes ends meet by catching her own food, raising her own chickens, obtaining her own water, composting her scraps and feces, etc.

In short, she is truly an extreme off-gridder.

Mickey Affrunti's Food

Mickey Affrunti

Food Submission


My name is Mickey Affrunti.

This is my first little bit about off-grid living.

I have learned to eat anything, and like it.

I've learned not to be afraid to try new things.

Even snake tastes good when you're hungry (tastes like froglegs).

Mickey Affrunti's Snake Appeal

Deer-Corn Season!

I will write more later on how I obtain the corn.

The deer corn that feed the dogs.

Mickey Affrunti's Deer Corn Food

The page Editor is not sure what this is a photo of. It is being placed here until further investigation.

Mickey Affrunti's not sure

Mickey Affrunti's edibles

My dogs eat what I eat.

They get a little kibble on the side, but mainly its venison, rabbit and squirrel on the menu.

Venison Leg

Some of the steaks off the rump.

Mickey Affrunti's Deer

Basically anything the dogs catch is prepared.

Mickey Affrunti's Mystery Stew Mickey Affrunti's Snake Meal

Below are shown the remains of making venison stew (and jerky).

Mickey Affrunti's Deer Consumed

Jar of potato peels

See all the bubbles?

Yeast forming.

Mickey Affrunti's Yeast Mickey Affrunti's Deer Consumed

I have learned to skin and clean the meat.

I save the hides that are used as clothing.

Other skins are used for wall coverings because the thin sheet of plywood that separates the inside of this shed from the outside can get pretty brutal at times.

Below is a photo of Deer Ribs being prepared.

Mickey Affrunti's Deer Prepared

Picture of a variety of meats I cooked up.

Mickey Affrunti's smorgasborg

Can you tell the rabbit from the chicken or the venison from beef?

Mickey Affrunti was able to get more communications through the Internet a few days later!

Mickey Affrunti's Cooking

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