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What prompted my need to eliminate monopolies and free myself from being stressed out at the mailbox for electricity, water, sewer, gas monopoly bills, was an occurrence that a quasi-governmental company called FGUA left me seeking relief. FGUA had come to our Florida town and took over several water plants. When they did, the community as a whole, received some VERY outlandish bills which were completely and obviously erroneous in the amounts of water, and the amounts of price per.

This monopoly had disrupted EVERYONE IN OUR COMMUNITY

This was a big deal in our New Port Richey Community, yet not even a decade later and I see the Internet has been scrubbed of the incident (amazing because of all the comments which also were summarily wiped out leaving no lasting voice to the citizenry).

FGUA sent everyone bills with not only a higher fee, arguably shown to have fudged the amounts to their advantage, but I decided to stand as stout as possible and simply refuse to pay. I probably still have the video of the heated discussion between myself and the landlord over this issue caused by the overage made by the monopoly.

Not wanting to evict me for my refusal to pay the extortion money, enough water to fill a large in-ground pool twice or more when I only ran a small computer shop, had me soul-searching for a better solution.

I ended up activating my own well for water and told the water company to turn off their water, that it was no longer wanted.

If you recalled how the Enron scam was played out, this was/is a similar game.It's a numbers game. How it works is that 1-in-10 victims will not do anything but complain, yet will pay whatever the amount because there are no real consumer protections anymore (the laws are tailored pro-monopoly). A smaller percentage will die from heart attack at their bill before they can do anything about it; their direct-deposit payment will ensure that the overage is not rectified.Another percentage will become incarcerated before they can rectify the overage...(don't laugh, statistically speaking it's a fact that our once-free nation now incarcerates more of its own people than most all other countries COMBINED). And still yet another percentage will become ill, get hit by a car, simply be too busy to analyze their bill, or any number of other possible of variables that the error is rewarded in UN-earned profits.

I can go on for two days with all the myriad of possible assurances availed to the monopolies that wrong is right.

Even if half of the people that received the ridiculous askew bills remained stout through the phone-buffers, and pursued the public relations group in an effort to rectify the wrong, the monopoly still profits from the other half of their "customers".

One of the neighbors within my community affected by the gross overage caused by the egregious actions of FGUA, was an old man. That old man owned a busy custom tire store on US19 and had just prior to the overage returned to his store from the hospital to receive the ridiculous bill for water, water he could not possibly have used. He had been at that store for probably since his parents owned it. That old guy ran into the damning control of the monopoly when they turned his water off for refusing to pay the WRONG amount. We're not talking a few hundred gallons here, in my case it was a few thousand gallons overage! Whereas my poor old neighbor stood proud not willing to be manipulated and extorted. Though he was visibly not recuperated from the hospital he had recently been released from, for weeks he had to put his pride in the corner and come to my store to ask for water, and not just him! In Florida, the predominant number of people are on fixed incomes due to their age, soon after FGUA sent our community those bills a number of people simply were put out of their homes because of the unplanned snowball effect. When you are on a "fixed" (fixed for whom?) income, there is surely no room for unexpected and undeserved exploded costs (this is not an exaggeration, the timing was right in the middle of the banking / real estate "scandals", together many ended up leaving the homes they thought they'd be dying in).

The aforementioned is only one example, though long-winded, of why I ended up wanting to rid my life of monopoly control as much as possible. Then there's the religious reasons, "be ye separate" and "let thine own cisterns water thee".

We don't ever wake up and expect the monopoly to give us anything for free. But when the monopoly adds a fee erroneously, we turn dumb.

The overage prompted me to go down to Harbor Freight to purchase a 110v water pump, and Home depot for miscellaneous pipes and filters, and began to read and watch the videos on how to create your own well (and to my surprise, there was already a well on the property!).

We were only 6 feet above the underground water supply (the aquifer) and it ran right under our community!

So, with the aid of the well pump, water became free!!!!

Happy ending?

They still sent us a bill each and every month even though we discontinued using their "product", and declined their "service". That's right, the plutocrats instituted a new "law" allowing their monopolies to send you and I a bill for no product and no service. The friendly epithet is referred to as an "availability of service fee". Can you imagine that? I was furious and simply had to find a way to get rid of this chain of manipulation, profiteering, and racketeering. My Bible says "be ye separate" and "let thine own cisterns water thee", but the "powers that be" stated it was a law that I must give them money every month (for nothing).

I was renting that building and told the owner he can evict me but I refuse to be extorted. For fear of a Lien by the monopoly over his property, the landlord paid (ensuring that the monopoly won still).

The landlord was lined up with the rest of the cattle to the slaughter (a Lien against his property would be the inevitable next step to force him to pay whatever the monopoly dictated....or become more indebted trying to fight the issue in their courts).

The video I still probably have to this day, is of the landlord and I having a heated dispute because of the monopoly error, and my unwillingness to pay. I remember how he erupted out of the store and I followed to hear his angry words....I remember him grabbing a steel pipe in which to lift up the water main cover that was in our parking lot, and then stooping to visually compare the bill's stated amount and that of the meter in the ground WHICH WAS STILL IN THE OFF POSITION.

I remember him shutting up when he saw with his own eyes.

But, as luck would have it, God sent a storm that knocked down the ceiling and roof and flooded the building which was my clear cue to leave ";-)

You don't stick around when a roof falls in!

I had contemplated leaving anyway because of this fgua issue, and saw the storm as something from a higher decision-maker.

Since moving to Ohio, people like Mr. Tim seen below, proved to be a great help in overcoming some deficiencies. He donated dozens of canning jars which today hold pickles, peppers, and tomato sauces. He brought jackets and tarps and pens and pads and shoes and dammit if that aint from God then I don't know what is!

Tim in the Garage

And if I'm going to mention Tim, I ought to mention Vickie. I have yet to find a button to push with her (no, seriously...she is incapable of being angry...I've tried). She even brought me the first apple tree and had she not done so, I'd die never probably ever having obtained one! The next generation will eat from the tree she made happen.

Springfield Vickie

And if I'm going to mention Vickie, I ought to mention the greatest contributor to kenny-kind, my mom:

My mom

Truth be told, she has made these final years my best years on this planet.

Columbia Gas Monopoly.

Columbia Gas was ousted a couple of years ago after they pulled a fast one on the bill they sent to me. So by their antics the money saved after paying that entity off, demanding they remove the meter from the house, was allocated toward a generator (a solar panel).

Initially Columbia Gas, the gas monopoly, was merely being disconnected for the spring/summer months. I had done this the year prior and probably the year prior to that, disconnecting service because it was not needed during the warmer months.

However, this time the monopoly was unable to send one of their field persons to come and disconnect the service promptly. They rather, choosing to wait for a solitary DAY into the next billing cycle, manipulated an additional amount of money due to the disconnect running into another billing cycle (extorted, manipulated, coerced, profiteered, racketeered, and the ilk, pick your word). So now that the gas monopoly is gone and it's been that way for more than a couple of years now.

I also have one less entity telling me I owe them something each and every month.

And finally, a more recent event was that of the polity here in Springfield Ohio, namely the German Township's manipulation of tricking the local citizenry to the new electricity plan.

Here's how it went down:

We people received a notice in the mail that stated that IF WE DID NOT RESPOND in the time alloted, that the local government was automatically going to make a decision for us by opting us into this new deal.

Upon first glance many were tricked by the very words that were so well chosen in the notice, that if we are opted into the new plan that we will be guaranteed the lowest price for electricity.

Well, even you the reader are thinking, "Gee, that sounds terrific!!".

Hold on to your illusions of security in putting other men in charge of your adult decision-making because here's the trick:

Yes, you certainly are going to get the lowest price for electricity FROM THAT PARTICULAR COMPANY.

When I looked into this awesome new deal it was found that my electricity was significantly cheaper than the "lowest price".

As an example of this nefarious capitalizing game, suppose you call me to have your PC repaired and I only have three prices for work (depending on the degree of damage, etc.). The lowest price is $35.00. That is my lowest price offered to you. However it is not the lowest price in the world and furthermore there's a kid down the street that will work for aspirin which is leaps and bounds cheaper than the "lowest rate" I quoted to you, right?

Recently a gentleman showed up and offered many dumptruck loads of dirt so that I can finish my lawn and convert it from a fishbowl (swimming pool when it rained) into a lawn that is above the surrounding grade. In any event, he brought up this issue of the autocratic decision-making with this township's great lowest price for electricity deal.

His story went like this: He and his wife had received the notice sent by the township but they were on vacation when the notice arrived and nobody ever dreamed of receiving a letter that would consider your decision to opt in (if you did not respond in time). We know Courts do this tactic also but when it comes to public utilities being controlled by the very entities that are the recipients of the proceeds and profits of the new deal....ooops, sorry I got off track about what the man told me.

So anyway It did not sound as though the guy was able to undo the automagic of being opted into a plan change so he went to the town meeting and expressed his displeasure. Basically the story developed into something else the township "trustees" conjured up which affected his friend whom was also at the meeting. The new law is that the township can demolition your property at your expense if your property appears to be unkempt and if you do not respond to the notice to address the issue in time.

Imagine being in the hospital at the wrong time, only to come home to no home.

Here is the legal definition of Racketeering:

"Making money from a dishonest activity."

Here is the definition of PROFITEERING:

"A person or entity that takes advantage of a situation to gain higher profits."

If you don't agree with something, start by being willing to change your own surroundings. My Bible states that we are to "be ye separate" and to "let thine own cisterns water thee".

enough said.

For anybody that might find my story incredible, check this out:

****November 20, 2019 I just went to check the link and see the link no longer works! Instead of seeing the testimony of a slew of homeowner's all claiming similar issues now shows only the arrogance and power of monopoly: The link now simply shows the curricuulum vitae of the leading agents of FGUA. The title was "FGUA FRAUD CHARGES". I also notice that of the top 5 results that I looked at in a google search yeilded nothing of the matter (whereas the topic was foremost of the issues of exploitment). Situation Contained. Out of sight; Out of mind.

The aforementioned was listed on Blogger and today there is nothing. I'd like to say Censorship is what turned me off about using Blogger for my own website....oh wait!!! I absolutely did drop Blogger because they censored well-over 50% of all my comments!! I just didn't know about this one being censored away too. I feel sorry for the commenters that bothered to piddle away their moments of life to even leave a comment. Censorship. It works. For the Few.

Luckily there are sites like

If anybody gets even the historical agency called to work, let me know, here's the link for anybody with more time and direction than me: ".

Aparently not even will touch this one.

2013 archive: I tried to make it work in Epiphany and Firefox and only get a spinning gear and no data-retrieval.

2014 archive: Same results.

2015 archive: Nothing, just a spinning wheel

2016 archive: This is when the establishment put in the place of all the comments and claims their curriculum vitae as a place holder seen here:

Imagine the power to change history.

I definitely have seen way too much of this. So sad.

In short, our upper-elites can do better.

As a final note (no, really), apparently the only archive that kept any indication that the web page used to exist is the waybackmachine owned by

The other archive servers are completely wiped, i.e. and or


There is a God-awful powerful hand in the Nation, huh?

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