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Consider this scenario:

If you bought gold from a vendor, yet later find out that the 24k gold is actually crackpy pewter, did you buy it from a scammer on the streets or from a "legitimate business"?

Chances are likely that you answered from a street vendor as opposed to a "legitimate" business, right?

We've been programmed to have some higher-level of trust and peripheral amnesia toward "legal business".

This being despite the number of returns per year, despite the number of defective purchases straight off the shelves of the "legitimate" monopoly gang, despite the gimickry of "discontinued" items only weeks after your purchase, despite all the "buyouts", consolidations, the evaporating warranty, product recalls, price-gouging, and just plain here-today - gone tomorrow pre-planned business tactics, etc.

We are indoctrinated from birth to give a higher level of trust when buying a new item, preference is given toward a "legal business" rather than eachother.

Why is that?

Proof of statement:
The mere fact that if your immediate neighbor were to wrong you just once in something you gave him or her money for, that neighbor would be on the $#-list till the day you die; whereas if a "legitimate" business sold you a pile of junk, chances are you'll still shop there sooner or later.

Why do you suppose that is?
You didnt give your faith to conglomerated businesses directly from falling from your mother's womb, so where did this "learned" trust come from?

Since we all generally have this unnatural trust in businesses, then it must have come from something we are all mandated to do, ie. go to school (or they'll take your mommy to jail and put you in a friendly foster home; it's that big of a deal).

Second on the list would have to be PROGRAMMING (whether aired, tele-vised, or printed programming).

Okay time for my plug:




I've personally purchased hundreds of Duracell Deep-Cycle batteries throughout the years from Batteries Plus.

Presently, I have 28 running "Duracell" batteries here. At the height (in Florida) I had 46 running "duracell" batteries from Batteries Plus.

However, in 2018 I learned why these "Duracell" batteries are not nearly as reliable as the Trojan batteries (also purchased from Batteries Plus).

KNOCK-OFFS, There I said it.

Now I will begin to prove to you what I learned at the ripe old age of over 54!

This information will not likely ever be mentioned in the "schools", nor will it likely be televised, ever *unless there's a hand to hand cash disbursement/ "penalty" charade.

Welcome to the neo Incorporated 2019 America.

Proof of statement?

What prompted my discovery was the need for more information concerning specifics in reference to float rate, absorption rate, and maybe something else concerning the batteries sold to me by Batteries Plus.

So naturally I called Batteries Plus for the information.

Batteries Plus was clueless and the call ended with me not obtaining the information that was needed.

Since the label on the batteries state that they are a Duracell battery

, naturally I called Duracell for the specifics concerning the "Duracell" battery.


representatives will inform you that they are NOT a Duracell Battery

In reference to AT LEAST the sligc125 and the sli6v305s batteries, both Batteries Plus and Duracell will not be able to offer specifics concerning the "Duracell" battery because neither business made the "Duracell" battery in the first place.

I do not condone purchasing the following particular batteries from Batteries Plus due to a recent discovery of deceptive practices perpetrated by the vendor, Batteries Plus, in collusion and including the Duracell Business.

Duracell will also inform you that Batteries Plus merely "bought the Duracell label" from Duracell.

Can you imagine that?! They bought a
Duracell sticker

for crying out loud! *Then sold an over-priced sticker on an under-rated battery.

This deception by business is legal in their courts and yet I cannot so much as put a 5-foot sign (or any sign) on my front lawn without being threatened $100.00 per day monetary forfeiture or CRIMINAL proceedings if I do not remove the sign~!!

Words resting on a lawn are illegal in most commerce-controlled communities of our Nation in recent years, but business will not be contested if they are profitable and share that profit, regardless of whether or not deception or unethical practices occur by big business.

However if a street urchin should etch 24k gold on a tin ring, you'd hate and avoid that person forever and ever.

Will I continue to purchase from Batteries Plus despite the deception that was played upon me and the rest of the citizens here? You bet. The advantage to the few that own monopoly ensures I'll have no other recourse. There is no other place to purchase the deep-cycle batteries, and having them shipped is not even remotely affordable due to their incredible weight and the potentially dangerous sulphuric acid they contain.

It is no longer refutable that "something" is different in the U.S. in the recent years. In the recent years leading up to this present 2019, we have witnessed the unprecedented, unrecompensed, deceptive practices perpetrated by a polity that has seemingly morphed with big business. One most recent example was the statement made by one of the Bush Dynasty members (not Marvin Bush, not Jeb Bush, not Bush Sr., but the younger George) who in a televised statement made to big business, "You are our Base".

The effects appear as a looting sailing our Nation to becoming the leader of the world as the most indebted Nation on the planet.

One need not bother with the ties of polity within business such as Cheney/Haliburton, or Bush/Bush-Bin-Laden Group, or the "taught" education we received with the privileged few stating that "the business of government is business", of the fact that so many of our cities themselves have become incorporated as a business, to see the effects of a widespread problem in which the wheels are moving too fast for any hopes of using the brakes.

What was once "taught" to us children as illegal, back when I was in school (monopolies for instance were taught to us as not being a part of our economic system...the teachers even told us reasons why), yet the illegitimate education has become the bait-and-switch scam with the seal of A-OK by those that we trusted.

The combination entity has wielded our once revered Justice System into making it impossible to even take the privileged class to Court (even if they are found guilty of a major crime). Can you imagine that?

They actually made themselves immune in any Court of our Nation.

In fact, the collusion has knitted a fine-screen of laws that allow them the freedoms we once had, and now monopoly even enjoy freedoms the masses never had and will never know.

As an example: Yahoo monopoly business was found guilty in the pseudo-courts numerous times of having used deceptive practices in a most-nefarious misleading manner. Yet Yahoo's "News" (as only one example) is still on the same path and has not altered its practices.

Not for nothing, but...You know, if you came to produce to me a boat-load of money, I might look the other way too. So this is not to say the Courts have evolved to becoming Crooks, anyone of us in their positions might also fall similarly. But since that's also a privileged-class position, we can't test that theory either.

Yahoo, guilty of implementing software to stifle comments made by Yahoo's visitors, to screen and redirect various comments with an almost instaneous slew of nonsense replies to cover the unwanted comment, ensured one way or another that only one viewpoint would be permissable to the rest of the public.

The software screened the comments using KEYWORD and KEYPHRASE. Any comment not going along with whatever was being propagated, whether to desensitize the citizenry or rally the citizenry, was quickly covered by Yahoo auto-responder bots, sudden frozen screens, and more.

Other recent examples of the clime-change in the U.S. are witnessing companies shirk warranties and more by simply morphing.

Time Warner monopoly, as an example, when caught doing bad things, simply changed it's name to Spectrum.

Ever wish you could just change your name at will when things got tough?

Or how about this one,
ever wish you could just hand your liability to someone else for awhile?

As the public, pertaining to big business, it is in 2019 a given fact of life that not ourselves or our neighbors with ourselves, can force monopoly to justice. Monopoly is protected by their owned judiciary.

Any "fines" against the monopoly is mereley a show of money changing hands. Some might refer to this as the ultimate money-laundering or a racket in which the money still remains within one centralized group of beneficiaries.

In recent years, the judiciary actually deemed a business can be a "person" (don't laugh, it was made by a "Supreme" Court Decision).

One problem with that "monopoly is a person" scenario, is that the particular "person" just happens to have a boat-load of our consumer money to ensure that not even the Supreme Court can resist.

This scenario creates a present danger not only by reason of conflict of interest, but who can contest the disasterous results?

See disasterous results here:

My long-winded point is, we have huge variable interests that have evolved since 9-11, and a huge sudden loss of our Nation's wealth as seen by: usdebtclock.org/world-debt-clock.html

And with these facts in mind, we have to come to a valid assessment of whether it is wise of the citizenry to continue financing monopoly with our purchases.

One thing is for certain, once trust is severed, it's really hard to re-earn that trust back. One can buy the trust back with money or favors or perks or other incentive, but once one becomes broke, it's damn-near impossible to buy back the trust.

Our economy simply cannot sustain with rampant rogue enterprising.

Pressing Batteries Plus further will reveal from their agents that the battery is actually produced by an off-brand manufacturer called Dekka.

My contention is, if I wanted a Dekka Battery, I would have purchased the much cheaper Dekka Battery. Keep in mind, the prices for these "duracell" batteries at Batteries Plus warrants a real-live name-brand battery!

The stickers on the Duracell battery say they are Duracell batteries.

The sales people down at Batteries Plus will state they are Duracell batteries. But with just a little more investigation you will find the batteries to actually be Dekka (the off-brand battery manufacturer).

As I spoke to Duracell, the Duracell Agent stated that "the label was sold to batteries plus", and that Duracell DOES NOT have anything to do with the SLIGC and SLI6V series of "Duracell" batteries. Are there other products that are being sold in this deceptive manner? I do not know, nor did I inquire it.

Then, having called batteries plus back with this new revelation, I was informed by the sales-person that the batteries indeed are actually a Dekka Battery and not manufactured by duracell (and that I ought to contact Dekka for my answers).

When in business, it is better to be humbled and down-size while waiting for an up-kick in the economy, than to resort to deceptive desperate practices.

In the long-run, it could cost the business more than what was profiteered.

So in summation, If you're building a new battery bank, I would suggest Trojan batteries (according to my experience), or the Rolls batteries (look at their impressive online consumer ratings).

But this Page was supposed to be about Battery Tip #4, so...back to the Battery tips!

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