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Some Background

Each project in Springfield Ohio was accomplished pro-the micro-needs required at the time.

As an example,

A problem began to arise because of the security system and other items that never turn off at our Springfield location.

When it was found that the modem/router/server and security system was infrequently dragging down the "main" battery bank, it was time to devote a battery bank, charge controller, and solar array JUST for the modem/router/security system and server's use.

In sunnier locations, less panels would be required due to the dependable number of sun-days.

In Springfield Ohio, the more solar panels the merrier to make up for the lack of available sun-light by accruing ambient light.

Ohio Solar Powered Bus

Having the battery banks not bulked together lessened confusion when troubleshooting.

The use of micro-power stations decreased long down-time by becoming item-specific power cells.

With less continual high draw imposed on a central battery, allowed for a healthy battery regardless which area each specific bank is powering.

Solar Energy Homestead

Early Ohio installations.

Springfield Solar

Installation ready for a 48v solar array.

Springfield Solar

Security System with it's cameras, DVR, microphone, infra-red modules, all operate free flawlessly day in and day out (and night-time too).

Springfield Ohio Security System

Solar electricity was the chosen alternative to Monopoly Electricity.

Most of the solar arrays here are 48v and require special charge controllers. The special Charge Controllers are referred to as MPPT (maximum power point tracking technology).

MPPT allows charging a 12v, 24v, or 48v battery bank regardless of what configuration the solar panels are in.

In other words, a 48v solar array can charge a 12v battery bank or higher just fine.

Whereas the more common pwm controllers require panel array and battery bank to be in like configuration in order to function correctly.

My personal preference are Morningstar Technology Products.

Morningstar Products

Array of Solar Panels with Wind Generator Crown

In Ohio, the first two solar arrays totalling 2400w that were designed as stand-alone leaning against the side of a garage.

Homestead Solar and Wind Energy

Each of the 6 strings of Solar Panels are configured in series to become six 48v Solar Arrays. Each string was then connected in parallel without the aid of a combiner box.

The placement for these solar panels are not optimal for a number of reasons.

Plans are to dismantle and re-erect the arrays on a pole system in a sunnier location of the yard.

Springfield Solar

The first two solar trackers built in Florida were of a simple design.

Springfield Solar
Solar Array Construction

Both Solar Tracker was created with a minimal of resources.

Each Solar Tracker permitted either 12v or 24v stand-alone.

The simple design tracked east-west only. The seasonal adjustment for Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall, were manual.

Springfield Solar

Over two thousand watts-worth of solar panels are installed as adjustable awnings and roof-covering atop the bus.

Solar Bus Springfield Ohio

A solar panel mounted to the hood of the engine compartment was for years the alternator!

The back-side of a couple of 48v "ground-hugger" arrays.

Solar Panel Array

These initial designs had the advantage of permitting easy removal of snow during the Winter months. The lateral steel in only two feet off the ground and easily accessible for cleaning.

My military helper installing the very first solar panels for me in Florida.

Solar Panel Screenshots

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