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Kenny Hendrick Sidewalk

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Springfield Ohio Homestead

The walkway is not as nice as it could be, and is solely due to the Codes department having strict "regulations" that a payoff must be made to install a concrete sub-base.

Initial Stage of masonry walkway

To avoid financing such bad business, I am manipulated to install the c.m.u., brick, and stone, directly into the ground.

First Stages of masonry walkway
Concrete = ingredients of which are made entirely from the ground...going back into the ground.

But if those ingredients should mix themselves up and become a concrete pad, that's when the racket of profiteering might kick in with a "fine" or injunction that a person caught of such a heinous violation should at his or her own cost remove it (or else).

Since It is illegal to create and pour concrete in the ground without an additional fee to an entity that will not so much as lift a shovel to help, it also was pointless to use any mortar at all between the joints of the masonry units.

So without any concrete and mortar, my sidewalk grows weeds.

Kenny Hendrick SolarKenny Hendrick SolarKenny Hendrick Springfield SolarSpringfield OhioSpringfield Masonry Walkway

As seen in the photos, some of the masonry is almost 7 inches thick and very heavy.

Ohio Masonry WalkwaySpringfield Ohio Masonry Walkway

Because I cannot "legally" install a concrete pad before laying rocks on to the ground, despite my over two decades in the field of masonry, in 2019 our elites have devolved that if concete were installed within property not owned by the local polity, I would be threatened with a letter claiming the rightful transference of funds via a $100.00 per day monetary forfeiture to them (those that made the laws in the first place).

My punishment for not paying off the predators is that the winter frost and spring's defrosting heaves the finished product to be not so level. So until a regime change, be careful when walking on this sidewalk please.

Troy Road Sidewalk

On a brighter note, due to the dust-factor within the lab, a masonry paint is applied to the Masonry Floor (still legal in 52 provinces). I cannot remember who traded this masonry paint stain to me,but it was new and much appreciated.

Concrete PaintConcrete Paint Concrete Paint

Added corrugated steel to side-porch creating a roof

Steel roofing added to porch skeleton

Corrugated Steel added above wooden porch skeleton.

Springfield Ohio Porch with steel wall

Opposite Side Showing Steel Effect when steel is added to upright railing

Springfield Steel Wall and Roof

Added visual effect

Since I'm in a hurry and don't have a better place to stick the following photos, here they are.
The chimney cap eroded and blew off in a wind storm so with the leftover corrugated steel from the porch project a better cap was created to block the direct wind which seems to have eliminated all back draft!

Springfield ChimneySpringfield Ohio Chimney

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