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Water Purification

Topic: Water

It's something we generally don't spend a lot of time thinking about.

Until it's not available.

Water Purification

Water to:

Quench thirs.

Shower wit.

Cook wit.

Wash hands wit.

Clean clothes wit.

and etc.

But what about the worms?

If you are getting your water from a well, it stands to reason that the water is filtered by the ground to some degree.

However water straight from the well will require the need to address the potential NEMATODE issue.






New and Old Water Filters

And as gross as it might sound, your dog isn't the only one happy to see you, there are some nematode worms that ONLY prefer human hosts!

It's not always possible to cleanse our water intake, so the following is a need-to-know for all off-gridders, campers, hunters, fugitives, etc.

Drinking bad water can make you sick or worse.

Changing filters in water purification system

Unwittingly consume "bad" water?

Here's some tips to remedy the problem.

Garlic is said to work best if smashed and allowed to sit for 15 minutes before consuming, to allow some natural reaction to take place.

Eat some garlic

Diatomaceous Earth (food-grade) is amazing for apparently just about everything in diverse areas of our lives.

Swallow D.E. till you feel better

Pumpkin seeds are reported to paralyze the cling-on nematode type.

Mmm...pumpkin seeds

Coconut Oil is said to have a bunch of stuff to aid the riddance of nematodes from the body.

Coconut oil in Tea = awesome

Papaya Seeds contain an enzyme that nematodes don't like.

Eat Papaya Seeds

Now for the best-ever remedy. There is a product made by Bragg, it is called Apple Cider Vinegar With the Mother. Drink a good swallow of this stuff on an empty stomach. It may make you feel sick as the worms are annihilated, but no worries (nobody ever died from a little pain).

And before you jump to conclusions that you would never contract worms, think again. We all have a slew of living stuff inside of us. In fact, if you were to rid your body completely of all parasites, worms, fungus and molds, you'd be dead.

That said, it's still a good thing to mix up the monotony of life a little. As gross as it might sound, I actually was aware of the nematodes that were in me for a two-year stint before jumping on the De-Toxification bandwagon of teas and garlics and cinnamons, and all the other stuff that cleans out the innards.

I knew it was time to overthrow the parasites when my energy levels were at an all-time low and resulted with me passing out after a meal (apparently the parasites enjoy a quiet meal or something).

Presuming that industry has not polluted or poisoned your ground water supply, filtration is an easy fix.

Presumably, and preferably, your method for filtration will be dissimilar to our Nation's Water Supply Treatment plant's methods.

At one time I was instrumental in the conclusion of three water treatment plant contracts which included Cherokee Water and Sewerage Treatment Plant, the Adairsville Water Treatment Plant, and TVA (Tennessee Valley Water Authority owned by Fortune500 capitalist, Fluor Corp).

Consider not doing what the water treatment plants are doing to filter water (all in the name of capitalism and profit, by whatever means necessary). Incredible amounts of toxic chemicals are being injected into "our" "public" water supply.

No chemicals and poisons to add to your water supply?

No worries.

You're one step ahead of the game.

Consider an R.O. (Reverse osmosis) as an affordable means to filter your water instead!

Springfield Water Purification

Having a user-serviceable pre-filter is a good idea, to delay the expense of changing filters within the R.O. unit.

Springfield Water Purification

The preferred plumbing here is the common garden hose.

Replacement Parts for garden-hose plumbing is prevalent and cheap, and without the need of a professional.

Springfield Water Purification

Here's a couple of photos of the new water line being installed.

Springfield Water Purification

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