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Springfield Oh's Dry Well Reconstruction

Topic: Water Wells and Drainage

Out back was found a thickly large slab of concrete.

Kenny Hendrick found Gold?

Using a tractor, the slab of concrete was pulled up and shuffled-off somewhere.

Finding a "Dry" Well Story

Under the concrete slab was found a hole.

I am a legitimate hole, the camera man is also

Off-Grid Solar and Wind-Generated Power

Digging a bit deeper was found two inlets.

German Township Well

It appears that only one or two months can I work back there due to the amount of water that collects in the well.

German Township

I do not know where the water is coming from.

Springfield Ohio Inlet

At times, the water is almost level with the topsoil which is a few feet higher than the well walls, and hinders reconstruction.

Using a solar panel and 12v pump to get to the bottom of it, water was coming in almost as fast as it was being pumped out.

Photo shows original remaining foundation to the well as excavation is comenced.

Well Restoration

The area around the well is cleared to allow for a backfill of masonry debris and mortar to end up becoming a place to put your feet.

Restoring Well Ohio Well Restoration

By July 10, 2019 I commenced the reconstruction.

Finally there's been enough materials to at least start the newly-found well in the back yard.
The neighbor refers to this as a "dry well".

I actually will have to look up the definition of a dry well later when I find time, all I know is it's never dry.

If it looks rough, it's because it's the "rough" work that will never be seen.
There is another outside wall that is planned to become a somewhat massive wall ornate in rock and stone when complete.
Springfield's Dry Well Reconstruction

The photo below shows the start of the foot deck layed in stone with the "unseen" foundation wall carried up from the original well's foundation.

The section of wall that is seen in the photo is later completely covered in stone (making it twice as thick when complete).
The wall is already about 5 inches thick!

Springfield's Dry Well
It's okay if you don't see the hand and the little bird it caught.

Seen below are a couple of photos of the water-line replacement (went with pex to replace the old whatever-it-was pipe).

German Township water line Springfield Ohio water line replacement

Also commenced are two drainage catches in the baby orchard.
Initially It was attempted to use the 3-point hitch attachment called a "middle-buster".
Due to the lack of ambition to remove the under-the-belly mower, depth was lacking as the mower hit the ground before the middle-buster did.
Drainage commence for baby Springfield Orchard

It was decided to use the tractor's bucket to dig out the trenches
Drainage commence for baby Springfield Orchard

Drainage commence for baby Springfield Orchard

Since there was already some drainage pipe laying around, in the holes they would end up. Rip.
Drainage commence for baby Springfield OrchardDrainage commence for baby Springfield Orchard

At the lower end of the property would be excavated to create pits to catch the water that drains from the orchard area.

Drainage commence for baby Springfield Orchard

Filled with masonry scraps and then backfilled with a rough grading. In a couple of days the soil will become looser and easier to manage eanabling the fine grading.
Drainage commence for baby Springfield OrchardDrainage commence for baby Springfield OrchardDrainage commence for baby Springfield Orchard

I'll stop back to add more to this later, probably after a pallet of mortar shows up. First I have to locate the hidden treasure that will pay for that pallet of mortar.

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