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Brain Twister

Before I resume your regularly scheduled programming, I would like to interject a question to the off-grid community.

My question is this:

If we know that when connecting a 6v battery to a 12v battery that the one becomes over-charged and that the other loses some of its energy.

How is it that since my wind generator is turning out voltages that are lower than my battery bank's voltage, that this does not tax my battery bank?

Any argument bringing into the equation of a blocking diode appears to be moot. If the diode receives energy from the wind-side, any energy would be passed to the battery side without some other device regulating that the voltage of the battery be met first (ie. if my battery bank is sitting at 56v and the diode is allowed to pass energy only in one direction even if only producing lower voltages on the wind-side due to low-wind, this seems problematic).

The battery-to-battery example applies here, with only one exception. The wind generator (variable power source or battery) that charges the other battery (battery bank) varies in voltage from 0 to about 60+v depending on wind speed.

In fact, it is a rare occassion when the wind generator spins fast enough to create higher voltages than the battery bank, so it's rare that any real positive voltages are increased at the battery-side.

If anybody knows the answer to this riddle please let me know:


The vertical black pipe needed to be added to keep the blades from hitting the tower.

Initially, I was not a confident welder because of a couple of unexpected surprises that need not be elaborated upon.

Springfield Ohio SolarKenny Hendrick Solar

After trying to weld using the wrong type of wire, I out-sourced this project to a man down the road who did the job right.

Springfield Ohio Kenny Hendrick Solar

The tower was placed center of the garage peak and allowed for a full swing of the wind generator.

Kenny Hendrick Solar

It's been four years now, and not one solitary problem has sprung up pertaining to any of the stabilizing of the tower.
(*Correction: There actually was a problem once, but luckily it didn't materialize as a bomb. Which actually had absolutely nothing to do with the stabilizing so...)

Springfield Solar

The photo below shows the first stage installed. The next photo shows completed erection.

Springfield Ohio SolarOff-grid

Toward the peak, one can see a camera (seen above) and right above the camera is seen steel. The steel has long double-nutted bolt threading that extends through the garage framing studs, and locks the tower in place so as to not deviate from its placement. *Until the wood starts to move around, since that generally is what most wood does sooner or later. My money is on the tower to out-last the garage.

Off-grid SolarOhio Solar

It's now April 2018 and the generator is for sale!

This wind generator is a 48volt and 900w 10-blade wind generator. What makes this unit unique is that it is a 2-wire unit (no rectifier needed). This wind generator is available for $275.00.
For more details 937-718-3586

Wind GeneratorWind Generator

*****OCTOBER 28 '18

@ approximately 5pm my wind generator went OVER 200 volts!!! Nobody would believe me but luckily it was caught on video! I made 4 videos during the freak wind-storm and pulled a few pictures which show voltages in the upper 80's. The reason I have not pulled the photo of the over 200v is due to the limit on my multi-meter only going to 200v (which means it goes into fault and shows only a number "1" to the extreme left of the digital meter indicating it's gone into it would be nothing but a picture of a "1". The video shows it more dramatically anyway, and if we were not such a censored nation by the Internet Mafia, I'd be posting that lengthy video here).

The real reason that this over 200v is so amazing is that it solidifies my theory that the wind generator must have gone over-voltage back when I was living in the house. Since I was living in the house I was not present to witness what caused the perfect dime-sized hole completely through one of the batteries. It was only a theory that the wind generator was the cause of the lead cable connector completely melting.

Later I converted completely to brass connectors which is comprised of zinc and copper and that whole discovery encompasses other surprises which are discussed in some detail on this battery discussion page.

As for the over-voltage being so extreme, it was later found that the blocking diode connection was faulty (so my glee turned to glum). I'm assuming that the 200+ voltage results were due to their having been no load on the generator. My two-wire unit does not come with a brake and without a load could destroy the unit (which would be bad).

Early Morning Solar Energy
Early Morning Solar Voltage

Early Morning Wind Energy
Early Morning Wind Voltage

Note October 27, 2019; 6am.

Much wind has arrived in Springfield throughout pretty much the entire night. Ordinarily the wind-generator is not so eventful as are the solar panels when watching the energy flow into the batteries. Last night and this morning are the exception to the rule and provided some excitement as the battery voltage was rising without the need for the sun.

In Kansas and other middle-states that have virtually perpetual wind or periods of constant wind, I imagine a wind generator is the focus of some attention.

Needless to say though, the voltmeter shows data to the hundredths and it was amazing to watch the digits rise up to 3 volts even under load.

Yes, Read More From this Site

My "Criminal" Wind Generator.

Your ears are not allowed to hear most of the words in the video due to other forces ensuring the words are muffled and muted. Interestingly, other vocal parts are actually amplified (not by me on either account).

The originals were lost due to the repeated attempts to keep up with Youtube / Google Censorship and banning of the video. After having censored and altered this video no less than 5 times, enjoy the watered-down version that now appears ridiculous.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

P.S. Politics were never included in the orginal intent...that antagonistic powers-that-be have pushed the envelope so much that politics simply had to be added during that particular point in time.