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"Legal" Destruction

Remote Control Kill Page 1 Spectrum Internet Provider

With a press of a button, monopoly can send us all to Walmart or Bestbuy

Don't Believe it's true?

Where does the line stop? Our Nuclear power plants run on computers, our missiles have computers controling them, our microphones and cameras and health monitors and .... our weakest link could very well be the centralization of our ip providers.

Recently I caught Spectrum doing malicious criminal activity against me. They replied they were updating my personal modem which is my personal property

The specrum monopoly was using an already documented hack which you can read about here: Alert: AT&T customers with Arris modems at risk of remote hacking

So why am I including a link about AT&T modems when my motorola modem has nothing to do with At&t or Spectrum?

What I found was that the AT&T modems which are already documented online as having been found insecure by the FBI, at least one branch of our Military, zdnet, and others, can be the working prototype to inject the backdoor into other modems as well.

So what Spectrum was found guilty of, and admitted, was injecting my MOTOROLA modem with the Arris firmware thereby allowing for their implementation of a backdoor into my home.

Finding hardware damaged I immediately contacted the perpetrators.

Spectrum Can do What?!

So what, you ask?

Well for one thing,

the "Arris" modem that Spectrum claims the legal right to alter

(aka hack, damage, vandalize, causing harm to another without provocation, etc.),

isn't even an Arris modem in the first place! AND FURTHERMORE, it's a known hack to inject the Arris software to create a back door! At&t uses Arris modems and more can be read about those failed devices here.

I had already filed with the FCC, Consumer Affairs, and many others. But instead of apologies and offering to recompense the damage, the monopoly instead bombards me with all these sudden conflicting bills for "service"....

November 20, 2017 - $89.971st bill for no service or product

1st bill for no service or product

In less than a week came another bill with a different price demand.

November 26, 2017 - $94.482nd bill for no service or product; different price now

2nd bill; different price

Then another, with yet another price

December 1, 2017 - $122.973rd bill for no service or product

3rd bill; another price

And still another bill for yet another amount

December 19, 2017 - $167.964th bill for no service or product

4th bill and yet another price

8 days later I am threatened for non-PAYMENT (even though there had been less hours used than one has digits on their hand; that which ended with negative impact i.e. 3 illegal unwarranted blacklists against the IP address from Spectrum AND later the hacking and/or destroying of my personal modem)

Delinquent AccountDecember 27, 2017"Threat of Delinquent (profiteering?)

5th bill for no service and no productSpectrum insist on blaming Arris (Arris told us to do it)

January 2, 2018 - $83.97Spectrum ProfiteeringThe prices and amounts are all over the place, which one would YOU want to pay (to be the recipient of damage)?

Then in less than a month of "service" Monopoly sends it off to collections!

Does that sound like normal routine actions (especially since I already was filing with a slew of consumer protections sites before their first bill even arrived)?

There had been no service received, but in came the odd bill.


How are any of these bills legitimate?

Keep in mind that I've thus far not received any of my end of our agreement!

Spectrum's "Service" did not allow my system to make a secure ssl connection due to upstream problems, such as being illegally blacklisted (x3!).

Arris Website - No Drivers or Updates

Notice that the Charter Letter states that I need to contact Arris. How did Spectrum/Charter know that it was Arris firmware that was injected into my MOTOROLA modem in the first place (If there claim held any merit)?

The following was a saving grace given by the Ohio Attorney General

Arris Website - No Drivers or Updates

Ohio's Attorney General Comes to the Rescue

Cheating Charter Thuggery

Charter employing manipulative tactics

Sheep thanking Ohio Attorney General

Thankful Citizen of Ohio

Charter tactics fail in the eye of Attorney General

Spectrum Ultimately attempted to deny everything later. (**It's a little late for all that, the Spectrum Woman Agent that later made a statement apparently hadn't visited this website, or noticed the reply her company already made to the Ohio State Attorney General (and others such as the letter from their company seen above dated January 2, 2018).

If this isn't corporate thuggery then we need to re-evaluate our Dictionaries and their definitions.

Good thing I recorded everything, huh?

Spectrum Representatives claimed that Arris told them to do it, and that I ought to pursue Arris for fault and damage to my hardware (do we even wonder if a murderer can get away with murder by stating someone else told them to do it?This is a ridiculous claim altogether)

When spectrum failed to make right their wrong I began to publish the issue.

P.U.C.O. was contacted December 1, 2017 Case: KHEN113017OR

FCC was contact December 2, 2017 FCC Ticket No. 2077867

December 3, 2017 upload conversation to Another home audio/video gets censored, but why? ( no longer exists.

After the video was censored, I upload the recorded Spectrum conversations again on December 13, 2017

January 14, 2018 I contacted Jamie at ConsumerAffairs:

January 27, 2018 I posted the issue on:

February 1, 2018 Motorola responded concerning Incident # 27750 and #180202-010823

I also promptly filed a claim with spectrum, claim ticket #26135861

Other claims were made with FTC reference number: #92612426

Ohio Attorney General complaint reference number is: WK000088855

FCC New Ticket No. 2228714

It's pretty clear that Spectrum is stating that Arris told them to "push" whatever it was (ie. update, firmware, eavesdropping hack, ip redirect manipulation, etc.)But it is clear that Spectrum are blaming Arris in these recordings, correct?


My Modem is a Motorola, and is pre-arris buyout as stated by arris themselves!

This action is actually MUCH MORE than just hacking a modem and destroying somebody else's property!

This website is developed in regards to the unprovoked blacklisting, hacking/tampering, and termination of personal property caused by Spectrum. Herein Spectrum is used interchangeably for all it's other names, including Spectrum, a.k.a Time Warner, a.k.a Charter Group, a.k.a. Road Runner, a.k.a. Bright House, and any other name that the monopoly may be using.

Spectrum call for service activation, call log (855) 202-0960,Incoming, 11/20/2017 02:23 PM,00:00:26

Spectrum service was stopped on November 29, 2017

Spectrum BRICKED my personal property AND ADMITTED TO IT~! Recorded conversations (see below.

*See Call logs at bottom of this pag.


Spectrum on day one of service, added THEIR modem to 3 blacklists thereby availing only tainted "service". In an effort to solve the problem, the spectrum agent and myself tried my personal modem (a Motorola modem), it worked fine for the few hours it was up until Spectrum decided to "push firmware" into my modem (the wrong firmware) thereby bricking (rendering my property completely broken and unusable).

The internet monopolies censored the bejesus out of the ability to keep the recordings on mainstream sites. Alternative recordings are contained at the bottom of this page.

Despite that I have recorded all the calls and already filed formal complaints, in came the bills and then promptly came the calls from collections agencies (yes, plural!)

Even if Spectrum's second excuse or statement is to be believed (that arris told them to do it), Arris adamantly refute the Spectrum Claim altogether.

Arris states NO UPDATES AVAILABLE (even for their model modem.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

After Finding my Hardware Damaged and the Servers not properly functioning, I noticed in the logs that there was what appears to be malicious activity just prior to the crash.

I promptly contacted Spectrum Internet Provider. For a copy of complete full recorded conversations with three different Spectrum Agents, mailto:

The following recording was a claim made by Spectrum who clearly blame Arris (a modem company Spectrum erroneously presumed had made my modem; I didn't find out until later that Arris did not).

Visiting Arris' Website shows they are telling the truth

The following is found on Arris' Website for their modem.

Arris Website- No Drivers or UpdatesArris Website - No Drivers or Updates

But enough of this Spectrum blaming Arris farce because....

I DON'T EVEN OWN AN ARRIS MODEM in the first place!

The Spectrum admissions might serve some other modem owner, perhaps someone that owns an Arris Modem!

My Motorola modem series was designed and developed PRIOR TO ARRIS' buyout of the Motorola line modem and contained at least a couple of features that the Arris modem does not contain, those features are not to be mis-construed as "bugs", as the Spectrum Agent made reference to. Those features are:

1.) The ability to reboot the modem (this is a "bug" according to spectrum)

2.) The ability to flash the modem back to factory condition (removing this feature traps the owner to the whims of the upstream, our embedded IP providers, aka our weakest link)

There were physical differences between the modems also.

Here is what the Arris modem looks like (click to enlarge):

Arris Modem 1st photoArris Modem

Arris Modem 2nd photoArris Modem

This is what my MOTOROLA modem looks like (click to expand):

Motorola Modem 1st photoView 1 of my modem

Motorola photo 2View 2 of my modem

The software contained in each of the modems is markedly different also

The Arris modem hasn't any useful features aside from being a simple stripped-down version of my modem, it was merely an intermediary device that allowed no user control.

This is what my Motorola modem's software looked like before the damaging actions caused by Spectrum:

My modem's software before hackThis is my modem's software before the Spectrum Hack, Photo 1

My modem's software before hack 2This photo shows both features which were eliminated by Spectrum Tampering

Spectrum acknowledge that they removed these features from my PERSONAL property without my consent, then they profess that it was Arris software that was involved, then they blame Arris for telling them to do it!~

Yet even if I HAD an Arris modem, I am highly upset that these monopoly-types can feel so righteous in hacking other property that they do not own. Can they manipulate an entire community to suddenly need to replace modems and thereby increase the sales for a friend at Best Buy (as an example)?

If they can do it to my modem which isn't running some fly-by-night software, it's BSD and LINUX that they hacked through; that in itself is very disturbing to know now due to another somewhat related past issue, but the real question is "Are economies manipulated by having friend's in high monopoly places".

Rather than offering to remedy the situation, the arrogant monopoly sends 5 different bills in less than 3 weeks (with 5 different amounts.

How do we get so many different priced bills all in the same month? *profiteering for no service and no produc.

Below are the myriad of bills that the monopoly responded with (as opposed to a humane apology letter).

Notice the prices are all over the place, and that their expectations for profit are for NON-service (*The same day that the monopoly's modem arrived in the mail is the same day that I called to inquire how I was summarily added to three blacklists instantaneously without cause or justification whatsoever and that I would try my modem and see if that changes anything, otherwise I need to cancel because your (spectrum) service would not be good for me (or anyone summarily added to a secret blacklist

The blacklists affect most search engines from wanting to count my server's websites. Being on a blacklist is damaging to anyone, whether business or private (I started a website years ago when spectrum was using a different alias, that being Time Warner. Adding people to blacklists are apparently accomplished without the Nation's Judiciary, monopoly is the intermediary, and by all counts, were at one time illegal).

The very same day that the spectrum modem arrived I am recorded as saying to the spectrum agent over the phone that if we can't remedy the faulty blacklisting which they arbitrarily added me to (3 blacklists), then I'll have to cancel their service, there's nothing I can do with the state in which the internet was being delivered to me.

There is actually another strangely similar incident that occurred years prior to Time Warner having changed its name to Spectrum. The account I started writing years ago is in it's virtually pristine nature in which I left it, and recorded for anyone that wants to read more into how blacklisting is an unprovoked attack and causes obvious damage against the person or group in which it is directed against:

Again, Arris did not even make my modem, nor did they do what Spectrum/Charter evolved to claiming, that Arris told them to do it.

When spectrum failed to make right their wrong I began to publish the issue.

In November of 2017 I obtained the second to only "free-trade" that is allowed in our community for internet service. Upon inspection of their service, I found myself instantly on three blacklists which is deja vu before Time Warner cloaked themselves as the modern-day Spectrum provider. Here's my crude investigation and experiences with Time Warner (aka. spectrum).....before I could finish, they changed their name, but not their game.

Communicating the illegal bias and that blacklisting is immoral, illegal (if there's anything that remains of the moral fiber of its judiciary), and perpetuating an unprovoked attack landing me labeled with a dozen blacklists. If you don't know what happens to you when these monopolies add you to a blacklist, read more of that prior fiasco here

The deja-vu part is that both of the monopoly cloaks started me out giving "service" to me by putting me on three blacklists. I recorded the conversation of a senior agent, Mr. Dell, which is contained on the aforementioned link.

Puco was contacted December 1, 2017 Case: KHEN113017O.

FCC was contact December 2, 2017 FCC Ticket No. 207786.

December 3, 2017 upload conversation to YouTube

After the video was censored, I upload the recorded Spectrum conversations again on December 13, 2017; the recorded conversation was repeatedly pulled from the public consideration even though it is legal in the State of Ohio to record anything without the consent of any other person (should we make our ears illegal by permitting only the contrary?).

January 14, 2018 I contacted Jamie at ConsumerAffairs.

January 27, 2018 I posted the issue on

February 1, 2018 Motorola responded concerning Incident # 27750 and #180202-01082.

I also promptly filed a claim with spectrum, claim ticket #2613586.

Other claims were made with FTC reference number: #9261242.

Ohio Attorney General complaint reference number is: WK00008885.

FCC New Ticket No. 222871.

Spectrum Representatives claimed that Arris told them to do it.

and that I ought to pursue Arris for fault as to the cause of damage to my property.

However I intend to show the audacity of the plutocratically-ordained monopoly with verifiable facts

Either Spectrum of its own acccord.

or an entity from within Spectrum.

or Spectrum acting under the color of "Law", either accidentally or Purposel.

caused the hit that affected hardware, communications, cost countless hours of life to remedy the actions caused by Spectrum Internet Provider.

It's pretty clear that Spectrum is stating that Arris told them to "push" whatever it was (ie. update, firmware, eavesdropping hack, ip redirect manipulation, etc.)But it is clear that Spectrum are blaming Arris in these recordings, correct?

Date is 6pm December 31, 2019

This new interjected development may be something that will interest our military.

I knew it was the Internet Providers (from other webpages within this server are documented data to show), that the neo-corpo-polity have become our weakest links (Nationally and potentially globally).

There's more that I've found just today that is not likely able to be refuted!

This time the monopoly slipped.

I discovered who is able to potentially subvert our Nation's communications infrastructure AND OUR MILITARY, even with it's secure avenues.

This puts all of us at risk, in my opinion.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Never Trust a Capitalist. A capitalist has no allegiance. A capitalist will leave to produce products overseas and sell back to us. A capitalist is dangerous because it knows us all too well.

What you will be seeing is that the Denial of Service Attacks (along with all the other attacks I've pretty much proven on other pages) are derived directly within the ATT Infrastructure.

If you are on the receiving-end, the actions are terroristic, unprovoked, damaging, a breach of the public-trust, a greater potential problem for our military, nuclear power plants, satellites, missiles....everything has a computer these days.

Now what I'm about to gather together will put all this in a better nutshell soon so hang in there and stop back later.

Here's the old news **Disclaimer: I'm autistic, retarded, slow, crazy, disturbed (pick your word) so I'm not a great communicator. My words may not always morph into good sentence-structure. Please read super-carefully. I make errors.

*Presently I have a need to know all the particulars of who owns our satellites and why in the world is our satellite software made in Europe!

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