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Page 3 Spectrum Internet Provider - Charter Communications Tampering Case

Remote Control Kill : "Legal" Destruction of Personal property

Spectrum/Charter Internet Provider Negligence

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Time Warner Cable/Charter Communications
13820 SUNRISE VALLEY DR ATTN: Olivia Hill, HERNDON, VA, 20171-4659,
United States
(877)276-7432 (Daytime),(800)892-2253 (Daytime)
(704)697-4579 (Fax)

When one entity controls our only option for our preferred means of communications, our nation is at risk

Since they obviously took my system down at will (which runs on BSD and Linux), then is it not conceivable that the solitary entity can take down an entire community the same way?

What about our nuclear weapons?

Our nuclear power plants?

What operating systems do you think run those critical areas of our nation's infrastructure?

Hint: It's not Microsoft or Macintosh.

It's systems that have always been Previously PROVEN to be safer and more secure.

Now we have "our" internet providers exploiting that last bastion.

Nationalize the monopolies, let's use our military for something good for a change!

Private ownership is only good when there's more than one or two "private" owners at the monopoly board.

And if the aforementioned account wasn't enough, CHECK OUT THE LATEST DESPERATE MOMENT (when choices are reduced to the illusion of two, ATT or Spectrum, and both are monopolies of which my websites are informing the public of, it becomes VERY difficult to keep a website up and not sandboxed by the power that be). Imagine it like this, my primary website (not this one) speaks out against monopoly control and there's no means of getting the word out to my fellow American's because the door I must pass through to host my site is owned by the monopoly!

Spectrum take 3

Progress Notes:

No updates or firmware is evident. Covert operations appear to be in place using our internet providers as the intermediary for many of the decision-making that affect the lives of the consumers (whether it be by their integral function of playing the most important role of the illegal "blacklists" or the tampering with devices and equipment in which they are not the lawful owner to do so; all accomplished remotely and not in clear obvious view).

No firmware:

******"Compatible with major U.S. Cable Providers" (until Spectrum hacks it)!!!

My Product number is 581901-016-00
The Model number is sb6141

*The problem is, nowhere on my modem does it include the words, "arris". Only are there several instances in which indicate "Motorola" and no other name is given on the unit aside from "motorola". (ie. The software inside the unit stated "Motorola" as did the label on the outside of the bought-new unit)

**It appears that the monopoly that has volunteered to make up my decision in what manner I ought to enjoy my own personal property, may have bricked the unit with the incorrect firmware (that being for an Arris version of my modem).

Arris state after checking my model number and product number that the modem is not even theirs.

Whereas the Arris version of the Motorola unit is indicated by a p/n of 581902-022-00 my model number is indicated by p/n 581901-016-00 (not globally conclusive yet)

In addition to the appearance of my modem, which hasn't a hint of the arris logo or any words to indicate arris was ever a part of this modem, we also find that there was a difference between the black and white versions of the modem. Each had different compositions as stated by the Englander in the following screenshot has specified (paste screenshot here).

Rather than possess the courtesy to announce the unauthorized manipulation of my personal property, the powers-that-be have found it more profitable to merely recant their former recorded testimonies that they, as the internet provider and their stated "engineering department", had made the decision for me (on the hush) and have ushered in a non-applicable "update" into my non-applicable property thereby rendering it "bricked" (broken without the ability to use or access).

Here's the fingerprint of our trusted internet provider (as opposed to random hardware updater with the ordained responsibility to break into hardware and remotely affect it's use to the point of permanent termination). (paste "tampering2.png" here; Also paste time stamped "Screenshot at 2017-12-01-29-40.png" here)

Before the forced amputation of my personal property there was not any hint of the word "arris" in the software or dashboard. Following the breaking in and vandalizing my personal property were found the arris logo at the bottom of the software page within the dashboard (paste in "notice the new "arris" logo at the bottom.png" and "2017-12-01-29-40.png")

(paste in "Screenshot at 2017-12-09 06-07-17.png)

It appears that the reason one sb6141 may not be like the next, is that the monopoly board dwindled down to one less player in the corporate buyout world. There appears to be some modems which have the “Arris” and some with the “Motorola” because the Motorola division that manufactures these modems has been gobbled up by the Arris Group, a manufacturer of high-speed data (not modems), video and telephony systems (not modems). From my understanding, this buyout happened in mid-assembly line production of these modems.

In a segment of the topic of the sb6141 modem, are the ominous words:

"The DOCSIS 3.0 standard enables cable Internet providers to exploit extra capacity through channel-bonding technology."

One must muse after the damage caused by the internet provider, whether the techonological parameters are still in their experimental stage, and my modem just so happened to be found in one of the internet provider's test-tubes.

Accountability. After contacting dozens of "attorneys" and consumer advocate groups, there is no accountability. No Checks and balances. No Law that offers the consumer justice because the law is owned by the monopoly interests in 2018. Immunity of Justice and the neo-monopoly on all socio-politico-econo matters has many wondering of any semblance of a Democracy and real "free"-"trade".

Here are features that you can enjoy from the Motorola SB6141:

The modem is compatible with Comcast/Xfinity, Cox, Charter, Time Warner, Mediacom and Bright House, and more.

The modem works with Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX computers

The modem is BOTH IPv4 and IPv6 supported

The "update" that the internet provider arbitrarily injected into my modem removed the ability to maintain IPv4 leaving only IPv6 capability and disallowed any secure connection (SSL Certificates would fail, was the predominant result).

Here is the not-all-inclusive call logs that show when I first inquired about service, and the prompt Monopoly having handed their multiple bills for less than a day's worth of service, yet off to collections it went in less than 2 months. The Internet Mafia show young adults hacking and going to jail, yet do a world worse themselves.

(800) 892-2253,Incoming,01/04/2018 09:01 AM,00:01:42
(614) 827-7914,Incoming,12/07/2017 12:59 PM,00:00:40
(614) 827-7914,Outgoing,12/04/2017 01:30 PM,00:08:11
(614) 827-7914,Incoming,12/04/2017 12:07 PM,00:01:25
(614) 827-7914,Incoming,12/01/2017 06:19 PM,00:00:49
(614) 827-7914,Incoming,12/01/2017 02:59 PM,00:00:47
(614) 827-7914,Incoming,12/01/2017 07:31 PM,00:01:17
(614) 827-7914,Outgoing,12/01/2017 07:12 PM,00:14:37
(855) 202-0960,Outgoing,11/30/2017 05:20 AM,00:00:11
(855) 202-0960,Outgoing,11/30/2017 03:56 AM,00:00:15
(800) 892-2253,Outgoing,11/25/2017 04:43 PM,00:18:52
(855) 202-0960,Outgoing,11/25/2017 04:39 PM,00:03:15
(855) 202-0960,Incoming,11/21/2017 05:02 PM,00:02:19
(855) 202-0960,Incoming,11/21/2017 10:09 AM,00:00:46
(800) 892-2253,Incoming,11/20/2017 10:00 AM,00:00:40
(800) 892-2253,Incoming,11/20/2017 09:02 AM,00:01:19
(855) 202-0960,Incoming,11/20/2017 02:23 PM,00:00:26
(800) 892-2253,Incoming,11/19/2017 06:27 PM,00:01:30
(855) 202-0960,Outgoing,11/19/2017 10:51 AM,00:00:01
(855) 202-0960,Outgoing,11/19/2017 10:46 AM,00:00:23
(855) 202-0960,Incoming,11/19/2017 10:35 AM,00:01:00
(855) 202-0960,Incoming,11/18/2017 03:28 PM,00:01:03
(855) 202-0960,Incoming,11/18/2017 09:47 AM,00:01:00
(855) 202-0960,Incoming,11/17/2017 05:09 PM,00:00:06
(855) 202-0960,Incoming,11/17/2017 01:26 PM,00:00:19

Due to upstream monopoly manipulation it is regretted that these pages must be split so often. However if I don't split the pages to a shorter length you would invariably find that the page never loads (out of sight out of mind).

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