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POLITICAL DISCOURSE in re: Forbidden Word Sites

Bringing in the New Year with a New Attitude

Despite the negativism that has permeated our lives in the 2019 and previous years, it's possible that we may have merely been reacting to an American trasition. While government cannot be expected to divulge it's every plan and forecast, oftentimes media programming sets the stage for molding our perceptions.

So when the "News" suddenly became awash with wars and rumors of wars about how certain social sites may be partaking in publishing false information, I had to see for myself.

What I found out was just the opposite, it was too much information!

But so what?

People say stupid stuff all day and night long. Will we censor the mouth and thoughts next?

As for and sites, it's the truthful comments that are uncensored that became a wake-up call to me.

So having recently surfed the "forbidden" social sites, I've come to the conclusion that I'm not sure we can live with those other people.

Our tiny gripes and strifes against the government here in the U.S. are paled in sight of a world that would seemingly rather we all die (that goes for American blacks, whites, asians, and american anything-else-I-missed).

They hope we die even if there is no knowing the result of the world after such an event (!!!).

For a real shocker of the outside world, check out:

That's why I feel like: Rally the Troops!

LOL sorry but honestly, after reading some really crappy foreign comments against us, well it got me thinking, I like our American way of life regardless of who or what we have to plow over or under.

Any gripes we might have against our government is nothing; In America, we know there's a tomorrow here.

Although It would be preferable if one of us came up with a better way to profit our Nation, but until something like that happens, we have no other choice than to either gripe about it (void of results), or have full faith that our government has enough resources and the best minds that money can buy to know better than us what is best for US.

The government employs analysts and projectionists and one way or another, the rest of us.

Griping gets to be like a broken record.

It stays broken and piddles life away, Life that could be better spent at more profitable hanging out with the chikins ";-)

To Hades with the talk about Revolutions! A little peace is better than no peace.

End of story

Just for the record, I am NOT a socialist or anarchist or communist. Is it safe to come outside yet?