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Kenny Hendrick
The information contained
herein is classified
as "draft" unfortunate.

Now let's talk about legal hacking by the monopolies and those they finance.

(and are hand-in-hand financed by)

Upon inquiry as to whether or not the Time Warner Monopoly is partaking in illegal, immoral, and/or unprovoked attacks, here's what came back:

"Yes, your ISP is very clearly hijacking not only the DNS for google, but also DNS requests you try to send to outside DNS servers.

You are correct in your analysis that the traffic to Google is not leaving your ISPs network. Your traceroutes also show that your DNS queries to Google Public DNS, as well as to Level 3's open resolvers, are not leaving your ISP's network.

Furthermore, the DNS A records returned all point to an IP inside your ISP's network, regardless of which DNS provider you query. i.e., the A record provided is hijacked, as that is not the A record that Google themselves provide, but rather one that your ISP has provided in its place.

It would appear that your ISP is hijacking the actual DNS queries in order to prevent you from circumventing IT'S hijacking of the DNS records.

No BGP tampering is required for them to do this. All they need to do (and likely all they are doing) is route all packets destined for UDP 53 to their own nameservers. A simple setting in their own router."

If you are found on the secret blacklists, you might experience sundry errors concerning DNS. Changing your DNS to Google's DNS or OpenDNS' might help; it didn't help us though. Example

Time Warner, aka Spectrum IP Provider has us showing up in Enon. The timing was during a Google Example, and later Amelia, Example
when in fact the location is over 100 miles away. The lost paid advertising with Google Adwords became money and loss-of-time uncompensated.

You might even be investigated without doing any wrong, and although nothing may have come of the probing, the problems they create are multifaceted and able to be tracked to the very entities we trust. This is the shame of our present system, that not only has plummeted our Nation into a $22 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. but also have idle time to hack without recourse.
Mismanagement or conspiracy to treason?

*Again, the IP Addresses being doled out by Time Warner, aka Spectrum is the root of the problem. The Public Trust is tarnished when the IP Provider is the entity providing and/or selling our information (change of IP Address, for instance) to the secret blacklist holders (envision monopoly-financed "not for profit" trolls called spam (something plutocratic against mankind) haus (housing all U.S.), ensuring that the SpamHaus entity is updated even when a new IP Address is doled out to the user (emphasis on "instantaneously"). There's only one way the "not-for-profit" agency such as "spamhaus" to instantaneously learn of the new IP Address. It begs the question, who pays for the servers for these "not for profit" organizations? The buildings, security, utilities, and more (if not the corporations that feed them our information than who?).
The addresses are being mis- PORT -ed.
So what has worked for us? We switched over to ATT to solve our problem. and Voila~ Magically we are off all lists on all blacklisting domains! Example.Why? Because the problem wasn't our server, or which operating system we chose to use, or even which model computer, tablet, laptop, phone that was used to connect to Time Warner, aka Spectrum's modem. The problem is the monopoly that feeds off us ...but wait, let's not get off track, there's more!

Another problem a business may begin to incur from being victimized by the secret Time Warner, aka Spectrum Blacklist is that your business will quietly die due to unexplained phenomenon (we were without-cause suspended 3 consecutive times by Google business/Google plus; Google couldn't even explain it, later requiring engineers to ensure our visibility!) Example

Being Blacklisted will cause your IP to receive denials to various sites. Yandex Adwords: Example.Google: Example

Being illegitimately targeted by your addition to a secret Blacklist may cause your private or public website other problems. Being illegitimately targeted by your addition to a secret Blacklist may cause your private or public website other problems

(yahoo dropped all 15 of our domain names entirely!). Example

If you are illegally Blacklisted, there are other problems you may see. Example

Banks and other secure sites might be alarmed by your blacklisting requiring re-application.

Damages caused by being added to a secret Blacklist are myriad. Example

Bottom line is: Being secretly added to a secret Blacklist puts your whole household at risk.

Every would-be hacker now has a valid excuse if the person ever was to be caught hacking you, who are illegitimately added to a Blacklist (without notice).
Those lists are distributed to many major companies, key online resources, social sites, and more.

Those lists are to alert those that subscribe to the Blacklist entities (supposedly to curtail crime online), if you are on the Blacklist you too, are a watched person.
If you are on the secret Blacklist, you will be wanting to contact somebody sooner or later. But we've no checks and balances that can outweigh the monopoly money coming via illegitimate "Lobbyists".

All it takes is for that unlawful group of list-keepers to affect the wrong person and their "not for profit" list keeping is through.

So if the Blacklist entities should hold blame, why blame the IP Providers? Because they lie. How do you suppose a list-keeper could possibly know every time your IP changed? Your connection is to your IP Provider so either they are selling information or they are compromised.

Violating Service Agreements yet still accruing payments from the public is probably illegal and akin to profiteering when coupled with the IP Provider's cognizance of this Blacklist (now, finally, openly admitted as of November 9, 2015).

However, even with the step forward the Time Warner, aka Spectrum monopoly still has to weedle at least one non-truth in their every comment; this time it was that PBL is an abbreviation for "Public Block List" !! For the record, PBL stands for "Policy Block List". But again, just the fact that a Time Warner, aka Spectrum representative would call me back to inform me that all DHCP IP Addresses were blacklisted is showing only the level of which mankind is reduced while in the employ of the monopolies. The Time Warner, aka Spectrum representative matter-of-factly stated that the public was added to the PBL to protect companies is nothing shy of a downright a threat to us all (that it would be alright for any entity, whether financed by the monopolies or not, to blacklist all of America's populations to protect the few monopolies that just happen to have aided in our nation's $19 Trillion debt is worthy of a prison sentence in some people's opinion).

Before thinking that this is just a rant about Time Warner/Spectrum or Google, visit this site and see the extent of terrorism that exists right in our own back yard
(continued below)

Coming Soon! A real discourse in a Post-Free New World Order
Monopolies sure sold us on a dream, didn't they? The problem is, there's nowhere to turn if the monopoly should go rogue. There's no other choices or avenues for Internet communications in a state of emergency. We are left with two monopolies that are probably cousins.
Are monopolies anti-American and therefore a threat to our National Security? Capitalizing on the rest...
Terror - ific Right In Our Own Backyard.Read All About It!
Let's re-run 9-11 (some have referred to this date as the coup d'etat of 9-11).

It DOES affect you!
"Time Warner, aka Spectrum has allowed, or aided and abetted, our being added to 13 blacklists without notice, cause, reason, or recourse"; it can happen to you! Example

There's quite a bit of data to go. If you think you'd like to bow out then I'd prefer if you'd get another opinion. Example
Ready for more? Okay let's go then...

Time Warner, aka Spectrum Foul Play


I've been asked, "What are some of the issues with being added to a secret Blacklist (as opposed to being added to a whitelist, or not being added to any list at all), how does being on a secret blacklist affect me?".
In fact, truth be known, it was asked moments ago by a Time Warner, aka Spectrum Representative. The nice lady was genuinely concerned and I sensed a need to know, I'll now summarize why it WILL concern businesses, and if I find time later will relate why it should concern the ordinary consumer that is just checking email, browsing the Internet, listening to music, watching movies, etc.

However, for businesses the damages caused are relatively immediate. Being on a blacklist will cause your company loss, never is a membership to a secret blacklist to be construed as a positive list to be added to.

*November 4, 2015 update: Since making Time Warner, aka Spectrum aware of this herein problem, rather than an apology, or an offer to appease the damages caused by Time Warner, aka Spectrum's Secret Blacklist, they've chosen to step up antics. We initially brought the issues up with Time Warner, aka Spectrum when we noticed errors that followed our being added to 1 Blacklist, we subsequently brought it up with Time Warner, aka Spectrum when we noticed more oddities with our "service" agreement commenting that we were without notice added to 3 Blacklists; now we find ourselves added to 13 Blacklists!
1 blacklist. Then we complained when Time Warner, aka Spectrum was unable to avail an IP Address which was now tainted thereby adding us to
3 Blacklists. Time Warner, aka Spectrum appears to be responding in non-mainstream communications by exacerbating the request with the response of adding us to now

13 Blacklists!! Example

In a search referencing consumer complaints pertaining to Time Warner, aka Spectrum, after scrolling down past the advertisements spammed to us and brought to you by Time Warner, aka Spectrum, you'll invariably see consumers' testimonies such as:
"Consumer complaints with Time Warner, aka Spectrum."
" Time Warner, aka Spectrum class action."

Time Warner, aka Spectrum has compromised, and is still to date compromising, customer service agreements.
There is not an IP Address able to be availed (to us) that is not blacklisted. Please check your own status.
If you need the proof, I challenge the experts to come to our location and we will be more than happy to convince you.
We do not need the monopolies to set up any more of these "not for profit" spam police, they do more harm than the spam.

Not very nice of Time Warner, aka Spectrum, now is it?
There's a tad more, but that's the summary.
(continued below)

Coming Soon! A real discourse in a Post-Free New World Order
Monopolies sure sold us on a dream, didn't they? The problem is, there's nowhere to turn if the monopoly should go rogue. There's no other choices or avenues for Internet communications in a state of emergency. We are left with two monopolies that are probably cousins.
Are monopolies anti-American and therefore a threat to our National Security? Read All About It!
Let's re-run 9-11 (some have referred to this date as the coup d'etat of 9-11).

Youtube pulled our audio and videos even though consent by all parties are contained within the recordings.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

Time Warner, aka Spectrum

May be compromising your family's privacy and security!

*The references to IP Addresses contained herein are subject to change. If you should check any of the named IP Addresses, after our having obtained new ones, could cause them to be dis-associated with, and possibly not be categorized as blacklisted anymore.)

To recall an analogy, it was stated to a Time Warner, aka Spectrum representative on October 26, 2015.
The Time Warner, aka Spectrum Agent cajoled, " Well you have Internet right? ", " You are able to search and browse the net right? ", " So what's the problem? ".

His question came after I had just stated that I have been wrongfully added to three blacklists and that it didn't matter which IP Address they gave me (we even changed modems, routers, three different operating systems, and more), we cannot wing this blacklisting (again, FOR NO KNOWN REASON OR PROFESSED EXCUSE BY THE ENTITIES THAT (oh, sorry) caused the harm!).

This is the analogy I gave him:
If 5 of us walk up to a store and each of us purchases an egg but only I get a rotten egg, Is that not a problem for me? If it happens each and every time the five of us go to the store to purchase an egg, do I not have a problem? If I should don a costume and having changed my entire appearance, yet still receive the rotten egg; is that not a problem?
I'm holding a rotten egg from my Internet Provider!

Now, let's see if I can show a hint of the "problems" that the rotten egg has caused me.

Over a year's worth of study, this is what I found: Time Warner, aka Spectrum may be compromised.
(phew, glad I got that one off my chest)

More importantly, that the compromised state is putting the unsuspecting public at risk, too (not just me).

About a year ago, I at one point obtained a Satellite IP service (Hughes Net), ATT, and Time Warner, all at the same time! The purpose of obtaining all three entities was to put the Time Warner, aka Spectrum Provider in a pseudo man-in-the-middle experiment (to find out what in the world was going on with our "service" provided by Time Warner, aka Spectrum), truth is, I went on a hunch back then.
At the time, I wasn't clear on the extent of the problem (now I can show upstream accountability).

After a few months of having three Internet providers and monitoring the Time Warner, aka Spectrum connection, funds ran out and I was left again with only one provider, and chose Time Warner due to the lower cost and higher bandwidth offered, this time though, I did it under a different name.

After placing the newly re-obtained service with Time Warner, aka Spectrum in another name, service was grand! Utilizing another name was the answer! But as with anything, problems will occur from time to time and when problems would occur I'd invariably be the person to call in to Time Warner, aka Spectrum. Quickly service had degraded and my name became part of the problem again. Why that should be, I to this day haven't a clue. The "service" became worse leaving me no choice but to consider alternatives.

Recently, about October 13, 2015, I had no choice but to, again, obtain another IP Provider. I chose ATT as there's not much choice beyond that, and have maintained both providers since the aforementioned date.

In keeping in contact with Time Warner, aka Spectrum in reference to the tainted service which has kept my IP Address listed with three black list entities, I've maintained recordings of the discourse.

Blacklist due to the upstream manIPulation of our account.

October 27, 2015 - Conversation with Mr. Dell
*Please note, in the above audio recording Mr. Dell states that my case is the first he's ever heard of having this problem of blacklisting. He obviously hasn't seen these sites which are easily found in a Google search using rudimentary search terms such as: Time Warner, aka Spectrum Blacklist Problem.
There's hundreds, I'll name but a few of the sites here:

Here's one on their own site (close your eyes):

This one is interesting:"

There's actually hundreds so do your own search and see for yourself, but in the meantime, re-listen to that audio recording up there to catch some of the fabrications. Foul.

The following IP Addresses were presented to Time Warner, aka Spectrum the same day (fulfilling their request for our IP Address=Pick One):
The date and time are in the lower right of each of the following screen-shots and all are instantaneously blacklisted without reason:

IP Address 1Time Warner, aka Spectrum HAS COMPRIMISED THIS NATION'S PUBLIC TRUST!Enlarge

IP Address 2Time Warner, aka Spectrum HAS COMPRIMISED THIS NATION'S PUBLIC TRUST!Enlarge

IP Address 3Time Warner, aka Spectrum HAS COMPRIMISED THIS NATION'S PUBLIC TRUST!Enlarge

IP Address 4Time Warner, aka Spectrum HAS COMPRIMISED THIS NATION'S PUBLIC TRUST!Enlarge

IP Address 5Time Warner, aka Spectrum lies of having no foreknowledge of blacklistingEnlarge

IP Address 6.

IP Address 7.
etc. etc.

So, here's the breakdown;

1.) irregardless of whether the appliance to the Time Warner, aka Spectrum connection is a mac, Microsoft, or Linux operating system
2.) regardless of what make or model of computer
3.) regardless of whether it was a laptop, tablet, phone, or desktop computer
4.) Time Warner, aka Spectrum is still the intermediary between its customer and a BLACK LIST.

That means doctors, policemen, attorneys and more are all being documented!

I contacted a customer that I could trust and instructed her over the phone as to how to check her machine for Time Warner, aka Spectrum's tainted service, I held my breath praying she would say "NO" wasn't the case, she is on a blacklist too!

That means Time Warner, aka Spectrum has been cataloging more records than even I have. Many of the people that came to me for help were freebies/no charge customers, but if they were connected to my Internet even for a second, they are compromised and will find themselves on a black list!

I felt compelled to put my life on hold more than I wished and started documenting the anomalies with the Time Warner, aka Spectrum "service".

I noticed that Time Warner, aka Spectrum was misplacing my location. Google, in order to avail local results relies upon a valid IP Address, only your Internet Provider can supply this.. My location being reported in erroneous locations that I had never even visited before; such as Enon, and Amelia (over 100miles away!) have caused another community-wide problem. For instance, now Time Warner, aka Spectrum is affecting Google Maps, Google Adwords, Google Business (I'll only mention Google's losses as it too, cleans up the mess allowed by the entities that run / control Time Warner, aka Spectrum).

Ported via Time Warner, aka Spectrum MonopolyEnlarge

I feel compelled to interject here and urge the public to be aware of activities that may not be the antics of third party mal-ware, spy-ware, trojans, worms, viruses, etc., while using your Time Warner, aka Spectrum tethered device. That the Internet Provider may be the root of damages to the unsuspecting Public's Personal Property. You may visit with your machine for a free inspection at no cost and while you wait: 2803 Troy Road in Springfield, Ohio 45504.

As our listings were disappearing from Google and other sites, I was left with no choice but utilize Google's Adwords, a paid ad service, to propagate me locally until I could ascertain what was affecting our presence in the search results. I was surprised when the calls were coming from other locations.

Also, errors were coming in from all over, one error stated something about the use of proxies and tors (anonymizes browsing)

Barrages of Errors... Enlarge

I don't use proxies and tors so when various errors would pop up I would immediately look inward, change machines (Dell, Hp, IBM; still the errors persisted). I changed operating systems (mac, Microsoft, several Linux distros; the errors continued even with new operating systems!). I even changed routers and ultimately the modem (still the errors persisted).

At one point Google suspended me three times consecutively but when I called to find out why, they were clueless (who gets suspended from Google?). Shortly thereafter I was denied by Yandex Adwords (who turns down money?). I saw my listings go flying off the first page of Google results for no reason that I could discern.

Devilish antics of Time Warner, aka Spectrum monopoly

I began writing to find out why this was happening to me and then my Domain Name Server Company, Vitalwerks llc, Google, Yandex, and others began responding, telling me that I have a problem that needed to be Addressed with the Time Warner, aka Spectrum IP Provider. However what they were telling me was not understood, the information was beyond my expertise and understanding.

I had to learn something new.
(continued below)

The powers that be, whether under "Agency" commands, instructions, imposition of "laws" or otherwise, are removing all forms of proof that our Nation has a problem. This in of itself is a greater problem.

If you should choose to pursue legal venue, please exhaust administrative remedies by filing with the formal entities that oversee the monopolies that "serve" us with their service, start with FTCFCC:

1 (FTC Censored)

2 (FTC Censored)

3 (FTC Censored)

4 (FTC Censored)

5 (FTC Censored)

6 (FTC Censored)

8 (FTC Censored)

9 (FTC Censored)

10 (FTC Censored)

11 (FTC Censored)

12 (FTC Censored)

13 (FTC Censored)

14 (FTC Censored)

15 (FTC Censored)

16 (FTC Censored)

17 (FTC Censored)

18 (FTC Censored)

**The censored pages were removed by the entities listed. This is the problem with the manipulative new law that is in place right now which states we cannot copy material (so in other words, the authors can eliminate and change their copy at will leaving us with no recourse to show relevency).

Again, If you feel you have been harmed by Time Warner, aka Spectrum, please peruse the following suits to obtain information that might fit your scenario, nobody should have to be victimized like this. Here's some Class Action Lawsuits and miscellaneous reading materials that one might find enlightening:





5 (censored)






Are there other sites with testimonials of damages caused by blacklisting?
Sure, do a google search and about 4 or 5 pages deep you might get to read them (or worse, "blacklisted" out of sight and mind), but here's a few I found interesting:

Example 1

Example 2



5 (censored)

The items that are resulting in censored statements as seen throughout this article, are those that have disappeared to their having been arbitrarily removed from the Internet and the Public Consideration.
Notes, placed here for lack of a better place:

Customer intends to show the following claims via documents and other recordings which Customer is presently making available in the form of links within public web pages upon public websites.

Customer makes claim against Time Warner, aka Spectrum, it's present owner and/or affiliates, in the tentative amount of $1.2 million for punitive, physical, and other damages.

Customer is expected to aid in ongoing and ensuing Class-Action Lawsuits against IP Provider, as well as partaking in Public awareness programs alerting the public to present possible IP Provider induced damages, free inspections of suspected Personal Computers will be accepted free of charge to the public.

Tentative Claims Against IP Provider, Time Warner, aka Spectrum

1.) Tampering
A.) Damages caused to records.

i.) Customer can show Personal Server logs (contrasting months of activity, including the utilization of fraudulent "bots" which ceased upon moving server to new IP Provider (ATT).

B.) Damages to Hardware.

i.) IP Provider allowed repetitive disconnects of service resulting in the failure of personal drives requiring replacement.

Time Warner, aka Spectrum Error Rate

C.) Profiteering in the form of failing to avail services which were to be offered via Customer Payments for said Services.

i.) It was not agreed that Customer should pay for tainted services which affected personal software and hardware.

2.) Eavesdropping
A.) Using a 10.x.x.x tunneling through Customer-owned Modems, IP Provider misled Customer to questionable websites (even cloned an site).

Time Warner, aka Spectrum No Class

3.) Federal unlawful violation of the Public Trust
A.) Tunneling via 10.x.x.x through non-Time Warner, aka Spectrum hardware (Customer owned own modems).

B.) Unauthorized manIPulation of personal computers.

C.) Altering DNS resolutions.

D.) IP Provider manIPulated service causing Customer to upgrade service three times ending at the "extreme Turbo" Plan.

Time Warner, aka Spectrum Problem Enlarge

E.) IP Provider manIPulated Customer's standing in the Internet community by causing and maintaining Customer's Blacklisting with three SpamHaus entities (which disappeared once customer moved away from Time Warner, aka Spectrum to the new Internet Provider, ATT). For the sake of expediency and web space, I have only chosen to show one within the entirety of this web page.

October 21, 2015 Blacklisting Customer

4.) Requests for Service Agreement and original TOS denied to Customer by IP Provider

*Call as witness: Google

A.) Google Plus Representative

i.) Premise behind block from Customer's own personal hosted documents.

B.) Google MyBusiness Representative

i.) Premise behind 3 consecutive suspensions

C.) Google Ad-Words Representative

i.) Causing Customer undue billing by manIPulating Customer's ability to cancel service.
Google suspension 3x

Google maps misled by Time Warner, aka Spectrum

IP Provider - Not even an apologyEnlarge

D.) Google Maps: Time Warner, aka Spectrum's control of our service location. Google reported IP Provider's location for Customer in erroneous locations including Enon, Ohio and Amelia, Ohio causing Customer to be misplaced on Google Maps.

Below we see our server is denied due to the Time Warner, aka Spectrum manIPulation of more than just our DNS
Time Warner, aka Spectrum Problems

*Call as witness: Yandex
Time Warner, aka Spectrum Problems

E.) Yandex Ad-Words: IP Provider via DNS man-IP-ulation caused Customer's denial of service with Yandex.

Below we see our server is suddenly ACCEPTED due to the server being removed from the manIPulative Time Warner, aka Spectrum monopoly to the ATT IP Provider....we are also suddenly finding our server removed from three blacklists and we are back on Google maps, Google business, and so much more! Here's the response from Yandex, today marking our first testing having left the rogue monopoly (date is in the lower-right of most of our screen-shots):
Problems Action Solution

Yay! As of 10/15/2015, after the server having been switched from Time Warner to ATT, has obtained this verification of status from Yandex:

Monopoly Control is not good

Whew, almost a year of loss of time, money, and more comes to a close!

*Call as witness: NoIP/vitalwerks Internet solutions, llc

F.) IP Provider's activity caused undue duress of Customer's Domain Name Server company employees in an effort to repair Time Warner, aka Spectrum faulty DNS resolutions.

*Call as witness: SpamHaus

G.) IP Provider was named in documents stating that IP Provider was cause of damages to Customer.

Evidences Customer can present:
1.) Server Logs

2.) SBG6420 Modem Logs

3.) SB6120 Modem Logs

4.) Netgear Router Logs

5.) Airlink Router Logs

6.) Linux Router Logs

7.) screen-shots of IP Provider activities

8.) Videos of IP Provider activities

9.) Audio recordings of conversations between Time Warner, aka Spectrum representatives

10.) Firewall Logs

11.) Other human witnesses to live activities of IP Provider's antics and illegal activities

12.) Telephone Logs

13.) Audio statements of Time Warner representatives that although months of claimed upstream problems which resulted in Level Tier 3 support, along with FraudSecurity department involvement, and customer requests for quarantined status still was not enough to issue proper IP Provider support to rectify such involvement.

14.) Emails from various sources, all concluding with statements of IP Provider misappropriation of services.

Just Plain Bad Time Warner, aka Spectrum Service

The following is the raw conversation with Mr. Dell from Time Warner's Upper-Management . *Please note, there is a few seconds of non-audible recording which resumes as soon as I walk back toward the microphone. The key points in this conversation occur after the pause.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

Coming Soon! A real discourse in a Post-Free New World Order
Monopolies sure sold us on a dream, didn't they? The problem is, there's nowhere to turn if the monopoly should go rogue. There's no other choices or avenues for Internet communications in a state of emergency. We are left with two monopolies that are probably cousins.
Are monopolies anti-American and therefore a threat to our National Security? Read All About It!
Let's re-run 9-11 (some have referred to this date as the coup d'etat of 9-11).

Mr. Hendrick
Good luck to you in achieving your goals.
Very truly yours,

David J. Seidman
SeidmanAssociates, P.C.
1001 Connecticut Ave NW
Suite 335
Washington, DC 20005
main (202) 737-5734
fax (202) 204-0001

Dear Kenny,

Thank you for contacting us!

An attorney will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your concern.

Meanwhile we encourage you to read our capabilities statement to find out more about WatsonAssociates LLC and the solutions we provide to our clients.

You can also give us a call at 1 (866) 601-5518.


Theodore P. Watson, Esq | WatsonAssociates, LLC 13721 E. Rice Place,Suite 106, Aurora, CO 80224 1629 K Street NW, Suite 300,Washington, DC 20006-1631
Tel: 202.827.9750 or 720.941.7200;Toll Free 1.866.601.5518 Fax: 720-941-7201

PLEASE NOTE: This writ is in the making, stop back for developments (for instance, it is scheduled to edit the original telephone conversations with Time Warner, aka Spectrum to allow for the pinpointing of key focused statements that can be applied to the statements of this writ enabling proof of statements!)

Verifiable lies were contained in the voice recordings between myself and a higher up of the Time Warner, aka Spectrum Corporation. I would like to comment on a couple of those lies:
Time Warner, aka Spectrum stated that it was the citizenry that have caused me to be blacklisted, however

Time Warner, aka Spectrum stated that maybe I'm just receiving bad IP Addresses from Time Warner because the previous user of the DHCP Address may have been a bad person and become blacklisted, hence which is why I'm finding myself blacklisted. Answer to that statement: Firstly, any rudimentary search on the net will see that this monopoly is under attack by those that simply are fed up with monopoly control (having quite a history of perverting polities, education systems, justice systems, and more). Proof of statement? Here's a country that blacklisted Time Warner, aka Spectrum altogether (that AFFECTS ALL OF US due to the impropriety of Time Warner).
Here's one proof, you do the study for the rest:

The documents contained herein are authentic and undoctored.
The damages are not included as that is an issue that will be forthcoming.

If after reading this page you don't find the contents herein shocking, rest assured that it's soon to become very interesting, so check back here from time to time.

NOTICE: YouTube has threatened three times to remove audio and video recordings which were made with both parties acknowledging the recording (you might ask, what interest does google and YouTube play in all this? That is actually where the plot thickens, but will need to be discussed in another forum).

Numerous audio recordings are blatantly removed by the monopolies which predominate our social system, please be patient as I'm working on transcoding and working toward obtaining a solid network connection through another source. The assent of both parties is presented early on in the aforementioned video (00:55 seconds into the conversation) and it should be noted that in the State of Ohio it is perfectly legal to record conversations without the other person's consent (imagine the audacity of making what our ears hear as being illegal in the first place).

The following is Youtube's interest in preserving freedom of speech (when both parties acknowledged the recording anyway!).

From YouTube:


According to our Privacy Guidelines (, YouTube may remove content in which an individual is uniquely identifiable by image, or voice, full name, Social Security number, bank account number or contact information (e.g. home address, email address).

For more information about our removal processes, please check out the following video:
The YouTube Team"

Isn't it odd that the monopoly news loudspeakers can print or air anybody's identifiable information but when we do it it's grounds for removal. Criminal upper class and nothing short of that is looting our nation as I write:

If you have Time Warner, aka Spectrum as your Internet Provider please
check your status online as to whether or not you are affected
by the Time Warner, aka Spectrum secret blacklist.

1.) Visit
or, for a more comprehensive listing, use:

2.) Tick the box that states "Black list check"

3.) Press Submit

Are you on a blacklist? Do you want to know why you are being tracked and documented?

Secret blacklists should not be permitted in our Country. email In the body of the email submit your name,
phone number, IP Address which we can verify
blacklist status, and any documented damages
you may have incurred (denied certain on-line
accesses, various error messages in regard to
DNS, or other error messages).
Your IP Address will be verified prior to
adding your IP Address against Time Warner, aka Spectrum.

**Update, as of December 13, 2015 we are on 13 blacklists (only with the Time Warner, aka Spectrum "service"). We don't do anything that could possibly warrant such unprovoked actions. Our ATT Service seems fine (without Time Warner, aka Spectrum Blacklisting). No reasons are availed, no solutions are offered. Our FreedomPop Internet Service Provider also shows that we aren't on any blacklistings with them.

Fair Use Notice This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of criminal justice, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information see: If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.


The following is a dumping-ground for notes (and the such):

Monopolies will make all sorts of dictates and rules and may even issue resultant errors without specificity.

Blacklisting is NOT the only game the monopoly system uses against us

A blacklist may cause your company lower ranks in the search engines even if they are searching for you using your full company name or local city. Example

This is not a cut against Google. This is the end product result from one entity...and this is only one example of what that entity is capable of. I started documenting the terrorism recently and hope you ultimately find this site informative and interesting.

Reference #18.1ceb2d17.1546442838.80b34abc

Are you ready to learn how monopoly will affect you?

How a Time Warner, aka Spectrum (secret) Blacklist may affect you:

Time Warner, aka Spectrum

When does bad service become terroranical? When you only have one or two kissing-cousin monopolies as "choices".

A query may require additional data (such as state, or Address, etc.).

Example 1


Another damaging factor of being on a blacklist is that you might WITHOUT NOTICE disappear from the on-line maps. Example