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All footage used in the video falls under fair use guidelines for news and comment. The lawmakers' law is stated somewhere near the bottom of this page.
This personal notebook is open to the public for criticism, edification, and/or correction. It is hoped that thinking individuals might have discussion in a matter which affects all of us (and none of the monopolies that are immune from the same laws implemented over us).



Now that the Google Monopoly owns another chunk of our intellectual content, via the acquisition of, Why is it so difficult to host a video on YouTube?? It appears that embedded employees aren't a big plus for the masses that have come to rely on YouTube. Divide and Conquer tactics are alive and well.

Enlarge.he following screenshot shows how the monopolies will openly allow all but Americans to watch their crackpy movies. That's the lure, the other countries get to use a rational decision to watch something, we are not. Next comes the bait and switch tactic to the rest of the free world, just like they did to the Americans is what the rest of the world will need to address when its their turn to be manipulated.
"Freedom" to the foreigners, not Americans.

Notice the fine print in the screen, " your country..." Not only has YouTube / Google monopoly begun to deny connections to all proxies, now they deny Americans the same privilege that they allow to the rest of the world. Baited by free expression and interesting videos (for a spell).

Guarded by the justus system, we see the manipulation and dismantling of our American Social, economic, and Political arenas. We now witness those arenas begin to crumble before our very generation, evidence the fact:

Is there another direction, rather than debt, loss, and our Nation's destruction?

"Study to show thyself a workman that needeth not to be ashamed". -kopyrite nada~

I'll bite my tongue about the prophecies of Revelations 17 18 and to the end of that short book. Suffice to say, I've thought about the topic long and hard and can only conjure up two ways to temporarily delay the inevitable....our economic collapse and the monopolys' control over the entity that handles the nuclear department in this nation. Delay, we must.

Back to the topic, YouTube and it's parent monopoly. How is it that YouTube can host whole movies and songs, etc. and is immune to the laws against the rest of our nation's masses?

A few days ago I received a warning from the internet provider that brings me internet (that's one of two choices with the internet moguls). Att was "my" choice. In any event, Att sent me a rather intimidating letter stating that a movie I watched was copyrighted and therefore subject for a first warning (without mentioning how many warnings I might find as the max). The letter went on to state that I've violated the laws brought to you by the lawmakers under the direction of the media mogul's "Lobbyists" ( a once-illegal entity we can refer to as "paymasters"). This same threat was probably not sent to YouTube for their violations of "our" laws.

From YouTube:

"Hi Kenny Hendrick,

After reviewing your dispute, UMG has decided that their copyright claim is still valid.
Video title:
Eric Crow and Theresa Crow assert that 6 damaged tiles in the front room of 1335 Limestone Copyrighted song: Born To Die Claimed by: UMG"

um, that's it...that's the answer YouTube sent to me concerning my appeal (to them...against their decision...sounds totally dumb, right? Almost as dumb as appealing to the devil to stop being the devil) that THEY should not arbitrarily delete my video which was entrusted to them.

Firstly, the dispute is over a few seconds of a song from a FEW SECONDS OF AUDIBLE radio that was playing in the other room while I was making a video "progress report" in the years 2012-2014.

Having posted the video in 2016, I can't possibly go back in time to remove the song that is only audible with the scrutinizing powers that be.

How is it that one can find whole entire movies on YouTube, whole concerts and oodles of copyrighted videos in any rudimentary search made within YouTube, and yet look at the attack I receive whenever posting anything of a non-conforming political bent or personal opinion that might not be mainstream.
When Controllers change our Reality via unrestricted control over all that is upon the public networks (PROGRAMMING, programming), we all lose. Proof? Again, that's:

Allow me to indulge in building the reason.

Citizens are censored yet those that control us and create these profiteering laws can air on television occurrences of their killing young adults at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Kent State, Attica, Provo, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Cuba, Russia, Japan, Germany, Panama, (good god we could go on for two days which makes us not good neighbors and possibly under the control of something nefarious that is leading us in the wrong direction {large breath} i.e., for starters). Not to sound redundant, I'm just saying, we can do better than this! The way things are now, America is arguably viewed by the rest of the non-third world countries of the world, as a "not-to-be-trusted" threat to the running order of their own country.

Oh but wait, I post a video and get censored and punished with suspensions, loss of rankings, etc.

Censorship is bad for us all (unless you're the 1% that profits from everything we do, create, say, etc.)
From now on we may just as well post a silent video to YouTube with words depicting a link to another site, the uncensored viewing for reasonable consideration.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

As for one of the state-sponsored censored videos, the uncensored version of the YouTube video is now hosted in RUSSIA.

Imagine! A video site in Russia allows us to FREELY post, without the "LAWS" imposing regulations that hinder areas outside of the scope of their present control ...even if the direction is the wrong direction (i.e. in debt and bankrupt).

America, where we must walk on eggsheebeejeebiess!

My "vote" (blah blah blah) is for PUTIN this year!

Here's another thing you probably aren't aware of: Are you tired of the capitalistic commercials when watching a YouTube video? Yes, we all are. However those unsolicited distracting commercials are only being sold to us Americans! Don't believe me? Well just you march right over to and click on videos and then enter a search for whatever you would ordinarily search for on YouTube and voila~! Watch those YouTube videos WITHOUT COMMERCIALS.

This is the monopoly lure for the rest of the world to want and trust YouTube (until they flip the script on them too).

Enough said, now what's the answer to the new and improved YouTube censorship?
I don't like making a gripe without offering some type of possible answer to remedy the problem, so for alternatives to YouTube, try:

Create your own server!

Unfortunately though, even on the internet the monopolies rule, just you try to gain more upload bandwidth that would allow you to serve your videos, find out for yourself. There is no price you can offer to get that upload bandwidth. It's reserved for the monopoly interests only. A new Internet then? Actually, yes, folks from all over are showing it's been done by several others here and abroad.
The Good news is...YouTube will still allow uploads with background music if you're female and twerking your butt! Just don't you dare utter a political statement in that twerking unless it's conducive to aid their divide and conquer other words, as long as we are attacking each other or the Public Relations Group (buffer zone) of the Controllers, that's tolerated.

THE FOLLOWING IS RIGHT FROM THEHORSE'S MOUTH. once you click the link on the left you will find yourself on yahoo's own website that touts a myriad of words. Scroll down to:
"Is the State-Sponsored Actor...", and read the SECURITY ISSUE

Now Consider the following. Consider that if you bring your computer to me to have it repaired, and if I were to break it or cause you harm, I can be brought to Court and be LIABLE FOR DAMAGES.....yet, the monopolies are protected by this ridiculous "law" they created giving themselves immunity, and despite the fact that they denied the breach back in 2014 and 2015, this admission is par for the course with corporate fascism in place.
If you don't believe me, either do your own study or you can here. orhere.(for starters).

"Yahoo Security Notice September 22, 2016 We have confirmed, based on a recent investigation, that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from our network in late 2014 by what we believe is a state-sponsored actor. The account information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords (the vast majority with bcrypt) and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers. The ongoing investigation suggests that stolen information did not include unprotected passwords, payment card data, or bank account information; payment card data and bank account information are not stored in the system that the investigation has found to be affected. Below are FAQs containing details about this issue and steps that users can take to help protect their accounts."
Shortly after posting this information I now receive this concerning the Google Plus account (google monopolized YouTube and now owns them):
Youtube Censors Truth from the Internet
LOL....They have no fear of having to conform to the laws of legal standards and they know it. This suspension is actually my 5th suspension with them (*at the time this was written, 7 is the running total). My first suspension came when I posted a video of the Police murdering a child (no kidding, you are not allowed to know the truth of a matter unless it first be passed through the filter of controlled media). End of Story.
What are your thoughts? Drop me a line:
Corporate Fascism

**Update: July 11, 2018
When searching "YouTube censorship" I now see that there are many others now stating the same. Although this video is only one of the hundreds you'll find on YouTube (of all places, for a while) and google (ditto), one might find it necessary to leave the monopoly search engines for an outside look (I usually get the other side of the story). Despite the outcry from so many citizens, I noticed this video. I wanted to comment on the video seen below but noticed that although I'm over 50 years of adult age, YouTube is filtering what I am able to read and say (check out this guy's comments by clicking into the video hosted on YouTube (for now):
Changing topic, and not too far off the rails, how is it I can watch YouTube by going to but cannot watch a video without so many capitalist advertisements (having me like a trained dog waiting for the countdown with each successive ad)?

What if I told you that this only happens to the Americans?

Need proof? Go to and choose the video tab. In the search bar type in any topic that interests you and the results will show the videos without any ads at all (still derived from YouTube).

Why you say? Why are Americans inundated by so much advertising and yet YouTube sends its videos to other countries without the annoying useless ads?

It's the bait.

If you are my age or older, you remember all the freebies and perks given to us by the corporate entities. A mason ordering concrete block would be given free line-blocks and free pencils and pads and free concrete rulers and free block estimators and ...

We bought the bait. What was happening while the one hand was offering us free dainties, the other corporate hand was undermining "our" judiciary, our children's curriculum in the schools, "our" tax system, and more. The monopoly board has only a few players and you haven't any other choices (so the perk faucet is now off to Americans and on for the next killjoy bucket of profit overseas).