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Is American Government on to something toward a greater end for the world?

If you can find a starving American man or woman, ask him or her.

America's system might not be perfect, but they have a pretty good track record of keeping us all afloat somehow.

Don't Panic
Online Security illusion

Holy Crack, my online accounts have been hacked!

Body-cam video released by Mesa Police, unarmed man Daniel Shaver is seen crawling and begging for his life before officer Philip Brailsford fatally shoots the youngster in a Mesa hotel. Brailsford, who was acquitted of murder Dec. 7, said he thought Shaver was reaching for a gun.

We should be more evolved than this. Chain of command gives us children being murdered, unarmed elderly being murdered, cripples being murdered, the trade-off for security appears to be not so humane.

Monopoly Control of our Communications
Censorship in the U.S. by Monopoly Control.

Continuing down the path of incarceration as the only means of punishment has not EVER in our history shown itself to be a paradigm to rehabilitation.

In fact, statistics have shown that the exact opposite effect is prevalent, evidenced by the recidivism rate back into the prisons.

Deviants can be changed into productive citizens to the community. It requires change from incarceration (for the non-violent offenders) to instilling a new value-system into the individual.

If we can program police to kill kids and unarmed women and men, then we can program a deviant to be a better creator or inventor or participant within the society in which he or she dwells.

Think Better.

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