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Community Crime Stopper, an Average-Joe Model Citizen.

This is a story of one of the good guys.

His name is Mark Enos and I consider him a good guy mostly because he managed to get my chainsaw back ';-)

Thanks Mark!

Not a Scam?
Kick-Backs to the upper-class, until they tear this one down, too.

I use NetSpend primarily due to a lack of current identification.

That's my main reason for using NetSpend, lack of transportation and initiative are a close-second.

But boy does NetSpend ever suck.

Google Monsters
Plutocracy of the Google Monster and other monopoly Control of American Polity

Has anyone noticed that whenever we Americans create something good, that polity completely perverts the operation for their own gain to its early demise?

This type of rule kills incentive to excel, wouldn't you say?

Take Google for instance, a definite American Success is now under new "laws" to do bad.

Censorship is just a drop in the bucket.

Don't Panic
Online Security illusion

Holy Crack, my online accounts have been hacked!

Although this page is still in Draft status and not quite complete, here are the first impressions of the criminal activity.

Our Nation sure could use that Canadian Dollar

*Copyright Exemption is listed at the bottom of this page.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

Imagine yourself in this authentic scenario; where you, your wife, and your child are locked up as these customers were.

Would you have handled this situation differently?

And we all Fall Down
Model Nation? We can do better than this.

Rolling past a surprisingly onslaught of censorship is a murder, then another, then another...

Enough said. This is the true story of a bunch of dead people (still in draft format).

This one might not be for the programmed or the faint of heart.

Poor Nicole
Censorship in the U.S. has us re-doing this page.

For legal reasons (and fear of a "legal" system) this content has been censored to leave out some details that might cause problems.

Despite the new laws that allow Law Enforcement to impede any website's visibility (without notice or warning), it should not make eyes and ears "unlawful" and hinder words from being conveyed.

There's a few ways to find out who is lying and who is not, such as polygraph tests and even hypnosis, but ignoring the facts doesn't make the cancers go away.

Thank God for the Opensource Community for their music. Ironically Youtube that hosts all sorts of copyrighted content would not host my video if it contained a known song that is mainstream. Monopoly Control=Judiciary Control=Political Control=Media Control=Curriculum Control=Racketeering.

***Please note that the video DOES NOT PLAY ON MOBILE OR TABLET DEVICES.

This video was created using Open-Source Music by the givers of the world.

This was not my first draft and after YouTube censored the bejesus out of it, this is what remains.

This Ends Page 3 of the Springfield Ohio Post 2019 Community Bulletin Board Publication