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Is American Government on to something toward a greater end for the world?

If you can find a starving American man or woman, ask him or her.

America's system might not be perfect, but they have a pretty good track record of keeping us all afloat somehow.

Don't Panic

Online Security illusion

Holy Crack, my online accounts have been hacked!

How brainwashed can we possibly be to confuse bravery with cowardice? Chain of command reduces the potentially reasonable, courageous young recruits to be programmed to murder children, handicapped, and elderly alike. Read more on wikipedia

The following is listed on several chinese selling sites (such as aliexpress and alibaba). We can conclude that the claims are true since the website listed is in the U.S. and is authentically propagating that all is well with dealing with the infection.

The screenshot seen below was prior to March 12, 2020.

The Capitalist Class opens borders to virus


Lines of Communication should not be squelched lest we not hear the answer to solve a problem.

Like the U.S. and Eu rackets, China has a squelch provision also, below is how their citizen posts are turned off leaving only a notice in chinese that is seen here translated into English.

Capitalist Class opens borders to virus

Continuing down the path of incarceration as the only means of punishment has not EVER in our history shown itself to be a paradigm to rehabilitation.

In fact, statistics have shown that the exact opposite effect is prevalent, evidenced by the recidivism rate back into the prisons.

Deviants can be changed into productive citizens to the community.It requires change from incarceration (for the non-violent offenders) to instilling a new value-system into the individual.

If we can program police to kill kids and unarmed women and men, then we can program a deviant to be a better creator or inventor or participant within the society in which he or she dwells.

Think Better.

Thank America; for advancing the standards that have kept your citizens free from experiencing what has been witnessed in other nations and their histories,like the Ukraine in the 30's,walking among starving dead in their streets.

Not one of us Americans have probably ever met someone (or even knew someone that knew someone) that starved to death here.

Of all our gripes, we probably should count our lucky stars we were blessed to be born here in America, instead of elsewhere

What's the probability?

Life on Battery Acid!

Off-Grid Springfield Solar and Wind.

True discovery made possible by experimentation, and violating the Codes Department dictates.

Does anybody produce this product?

WANTED: A manufacturer that produces plastic roll sheeting or film, at least 3-foot wide rolls. The plastic film cannot contain any opaque, etching, UV protection, adhesive, or any other deviation from clear plastic.

There is only one requisite, that it contains an evenly distributed magnification.

The .ml is irrelevant unless otherwise being necessary to achieve a pre-determined and set magnification.

If anybody knows of a manufacturer that produces this sort of product, your assistance would be much appreciated.


kennyhendrick @

Thank you

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