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Despite what may be contained in the bulk of this website, one might need to read between the lines.

When disaster hit, the U.S. Government was quick to help.

Recognizing the good that Government does.

The U.S. Government is action.Thankful to our Government


Deceptive Practices resembling a common Street Scammer

Avoid Fraud

Duracell, shmuracell, What's Next?

Wind Storm in OhioSpringfield 2019 Wind Storm

It's worth some broken stuff to an otherwise boring day...or week.

Alimony, Seriously?

Alimony to a Government that uses somebody else's wife for gain.

My Wife, eh?

Shouldn't I....have been married first?

MagicJack is the Bomb!

MagicJack, a non-capitalist that has evolved in an Industry that is appreciated.

MagicJack is another American Success Story

Don't look NowThen came a rock

Big Rock aims for Toledo.

Your Mom is Next

Clark County Municipal Court Sham(e) in Springfield Ohio's Judiciary.

Clear evidence that the Clark County Courts are possibly a fraud.

You Be the Judge.


U.S. Censorship and the Greatest Heist in our History.

If ordered, these guys will kill eachother for sport

Kenny's Quick-Link to approximate Voltage correlations

This is the conversion chart used by Kenny Hendrick. Chart equates 48v in 12v terminology.

Use the correlatives to easily identify a 48v Battery Bank or 48v Charge Controller's status using familiar 12v terminology. Post the Equivalent Scales near your equipment for quick reference.

Morningstar Corporation, Genuine Long-Life Products

Morningstar Corporation is one of the finest product-makers I know of

American Success

It doesn't happen often, but every now and then some American Company proves to really create an outstanding product.

Morningstar Corporation is Just such a Company.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery for Springfield Ohio's Post Publication by Kenny Hendrick.

This entire Website is under construction and still in the making.

Including this Photo Gallery.

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