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Stewart-Warner Winkler Oil-Fired Furnace


This is a low-pressure or high-pressure unit.
Comes with basic installation and instruction manual.
This can be used in several capacities.
Presently it is set up to be a free-standing unit in a 3-car garage. Aside from some stickers and magnets on it, the unit works perfectly and fires right up with a very large blower, almost 7amps.

Oil Burner FurnaceSpringfield Oil BurnerSpringfield Oil Burner Furnace

Remove grates for ready-ductwork

or use stand-alone, as pictured. Photo shows flue connector located above burner combustion area.

Springfield Ohio BurnerSpringfield Ohio FurnaceFurnace in Springfield OhioOil Burner in Springfield Ohio

Optional include: Very large indoor/outdoor Fuel Tank