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Heating Oil Fuel Tank

Heating Oil Tank in SpringfieldFuel Tank SpringfieldFuel Tank Ohio

Tank Does not leak or have any problems

Measurements are 5'feet in length (breadth) x 56"inches in height not counting the top-mounted vent or available sealed crank-pump piping.

There are also two flush available openings that have never been opened (allows for additional piping, pumping, dipstick, whatever).

The legs of the unit are 14" high, removal would require a saw if height is an issue.

The tank is 2'foot 5"inches wide (fat).

Not sure about volume but will check into that. My best guess is a lot of fuel can be held in this tank...possibly 300gallons or thereabouts.

And lastly, that is NOT rust under the tank, it's green mold due to having been on the north-side of the building...our house gets it bad on the north-side also (and yours might also).

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