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New Morningstar Temperature Sensor


Morningstar Temperature Sensor is able to be installed on many of the Morningstar Charge Controllers including ProStar, SunKeeper, SunSaver Duo, SunSaver MPPT, TriStar, and TriStar MPPT

Included are a 4-sided Product Manual in Fluent American English (complete with easy-to-interpret pictorials), a ferrite clamp, 33 feet (extendable up to 100feet) cable with the temperature sensor already installed at one end of the cable.

Morningstar Temp Sensor with Ferrite ClampMorningstar comes with Manual, Ferrite Clamp, 33-feet of cabling, American English Manual

Morningstar Tristar-Series Temperature Sensor

Open to trades against items listed on our Barter Page.

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