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Springfield Ohio Computer Repair - Buckeye State Disclaimer

Ohio Computer Repair Springfield

PC Repair Available Daily 11am - 6pm

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2803 Troy Road Springfield Ohio 45504

Phone: +1 (937) 718-3586

Springfield Computer Repair and Computer Parts for the Buckeye State of Ohio Disclaimer

Please note that I am retired, but will not turn away a person in my community in a time of need, so long as I am able.

Please note also that I do not drive.

Since I am no longer a Business and am simply working out of my home as a hobby, the following links offer alternatives:

Best Buy


If you are needing your PC picked up, I can refer you to Buckeye Pc Repair is a Computer Shop in Springfield Ohio that offers pickup and Repair service for a small fee.

If you are wanting to ship a computer for repair, please use a shipping service that is familiar with a return-box and shipping label.

Also use only the United States Parcel Service (Not UPS, FedEx, or anything other than the post office).

By doing as specified will expedite the return-shipment back to you and your full knowledge and control over preferred method of shipping and return.

As for past customers:

The Computer Repair Guarantee LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM of the CUSTOMERS' RECEIPTS will remain in effect.

If any should find themselves in need, the repairs are under the epithet of having this as only a Hobby.

Thank You for your Understanding.

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